oyaarss mix for Methlab

Arvids Laivinieks’ work under his oyaarss alias continue to impress and crush – his “lullabies for decadent people“. Previously I’ve said

His is one of a rare breed of musician: one who can bring intense dark with blinding light. His sound, is well, exactly that, his sound. Few if anyone sounds like him.

What we have here today is a 44 minute showcase recorded for Methlab – the London agency that now manages him. They also work with people like Plaster, The Teknoist, Gore Tech, Kanji Kinetic, Machinecode and other noise bass brutalists.

Laivinieks mix is really a taster of some of his recent work – it also includes 2 remixes of his work by Acre Recordings man C Mantle and Dead Rows; a Belarusian producer based in Minsk – yet the core of this is oyaarss uncompromising and often intense attack of rasping decay, the drums and the grandeur.

oyaarss – Methlab mix
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oyaarss – Salvatore [unreleased]
oyaarss – Drastika [unreleased]
oyaarss – Umbra [Nukapa Rec] 2013
A034 – Braingrinder (oyaarss remix) [Rexistenz] 2013
oyaarss & Nelaudis – Parejoss Kaut Kas [Ad Noiseam] 2012
oyaarss – Umbra (C Mantle remix) [Nukapa Rec] 2013
oyaarss – Ibumetins Sagurusai Dveselei (Dead Rows remix) [unreleased]
DJ Technorch – Love Love Love You I Love You (oyaarss remix) [Murder Channel] 2013


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