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New promo mix from DVNT, featuring classic tracks and new gems mixed up in his darkfloor electronica style.


Odio – Nebulous Morning [IDFM Netlabel]
B1t Crunch3r & Adapt – House of Ophiuchus [Planet Terror Records]
+ DK 69 – Trix [Idealfun]
Senor Frio – Sub Noctem (Ion Driver Remix 2) [Digital Distortions]
John Tejada – From Empty Words [Palette Recordings]
DraCo – Soulcatcher’s Relic [diggarama]
Tsunami One – Hip Hop Phenomenon (Bassbin Twins Edit) [Marine Parade]
Tipper – Deez Bass Lessen [Tipper Music]
Espion – Witches [Bass4Bots]
Paul Blackford – Electro Shock (Smashback Remix) [Bassgun]
Jnr Hacksaw – All Your Bass Belong To Us [subatomik]
Silicon Scally – Deepdissolve (Wee Mix) [SCSI-AV]
Galaxian – Scuffle [Black Montanas]
Mad-Tek – Wound Up [Digital Distortions]
Riino – Aerial Mind [Armatura Records]
+ Siege – Manuoevre [Shadow District]
Sil-X – Bio Static Systems (Grain Silo Remix) [Myuzyk]
Si Begg – The Tyranny of Pesto (Mothboy Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Phil Kieran – My House [Skint]
Plastic Loops – Hunger [Audioexit Records]
Technogladiators – Isch Rocke [Nerven Records]
Sunship feat. Warrior Queen – Quits (Kalbata Remix) [dubplate]
Marco Rane – Garuda [ARMS]
opti & Ohmwerk – Hammering [Jarring Effects]
+ David Warner as Master Control Program [Walt Disney Productions]
Unknown – Inner City Wife [dubplate]
+ David Warner as Master Control Program [Walt Disney Productions]

85.1 MB / 192kbps MP3
Artwork and photography by makemassair


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