oyaarss, live at Maschinenfest 2012

Brutal, beautiful and at times breathtaking; the music of oyaarss is all these things. This is him live at Maschinenfest 2012 last week.

His is one of a rare breed of musician: one who can bring intense dark with blinding light. His sound, is well, exactly that, his sound. Few if anyone sounds like him. His set for this years Maschinenfest, a clear testament to that.

oyaarss – Live at Maschinenfest 2012

His set for Mantis Radio last November remains one of our extreme yet also one of rich beauty.

oyaarss is Arvids Laivinieks and if you like what you hear in the next 50 minutes, which you will, check out the sampler of his new album, a re-release and re-mastered version of his debut Smaida greizi nakamiba which together with the released earlier this year, also on Ad Noiseam; Bads will contribute to your music collection a trip you are unlikely to forget any time soon.

A huge shout goes out to YouTube user Kanal von MilzMilz who seems to have recorded pretty much every set at this years Machinefest, but unlike 99% of Youtube clips at gig and concerts, the sound quality of this bootleg from the dancepit is pretty decent.


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