P-Hocto’s mix – ‘Bigwar 8’

Dublin producer and DJ Peadar Ó Brádaigh is currently to be found lurking around London; as P-Hocto he’s a man you’re going to be hearing more from in 2012. Fresh blood with fresh ideas.

Until then you need to hit this mix of his; a re-record of his set at Bigwar 8 where he shared sound system space with King Cannibal and EOMAC.

In his own words:

The larger part of my set from Bigwar8. King Cannibal, Eomac and myself played in the basement, Pet Duo, Fran Hartnett and Rob Hatchell played upstairs. Considering the room I was in this mix is less techno and more bass than usual. This is actually a re-recording I did the next day as needle troubles on the night ruined my own recording, but Eomac and King Cannibal’s mixes came out fine and should be available online soon so keep an eye out.

An keep an eye out we shall.

P-Hocto – Bigwar 8

Luke’s Anger – Badman Get Badder
Michael Forshaw – The Joint
Override – Machines Do The Work
Ben Pest & Wulfe – Chaouenian Sole
Chris Clark – The Magnet Mine
Exzakt – Transfusion (Dexorcist remix)
Buckfunk 3000 – 2 Much Booty (Product 1 remix)
The Dexorcist – Africadub
Dark Sky – Zoom
Tessela – D Jane
Bassbin Twins – Woppa
Cursor Miner – Grimewatch
Addison Groove – Work It
Bill Youngman – Cells Regenerate (Hanno Hinkelbein remix)
Author – The City
Uninerves – Black Ops
Neil Landstrumm – Energy Flush
Stormfield – Haiku (Ed Chamberlain remix)
Ed Chamberlain – Does Ape
Itsu Uno – B-Boy Rave for the Aging Hipster – Part 2


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