Brendon Moeller – MUTEKLIVE028

Recorded May 30th 2009 at MUTEK_10 this is Brendon Moeller live.

I put together this live show to coincide with the release of my album ‘jazz junk safari’ on third ear records. However, there is also a fair representation of me as a whole. There’s the trademark dub and groove the is evident in all I do. The set also includes reworkings of all the originals as well as some surprise mash ups. Enjoy!


Echologist – Hustle (Rekids)
Brendon Moeller – Humpback (Echocord)
Brendon Moeller – Changes (Third Ear)
Brendon Moeller – Jazz (Third Ear)
Brendon Moeller – Space (Third Ear)
Brendon Moeller – Traffic (Third Ear)
Beat Pharmacy – Time (Deep Space Media)
Beat Pharmacy – Hope & Frustration Vs Race Track Jockey (Deep Space Media)
Beat Pharmacy – King’s Highway (Deep Space Highway)
Brendon Moeller – Sweetspot (Echocord)
Beat Pharmacy – Dub Rocker (Deep Space Media)
Floppy Sounds – City 4 Sale (Beat Pharmacy Dub) (Wave Music)
Brendon Moeller – The Urge (Connaisseur Recordings)
Brendon Moeller – Electricity (Leena Music)
Brendon Moeller – Sweet Decay Vs Nuclear Race (Leena Music)
Beat Pharmacy – Assassination Of The Mind Dub (Deep Space Media)
Brendon Moeller – Dynamo (Apnea Records)
Brendon Moeller – Lost & Found (Eskimo Records)


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