oh/ex/oh – Extant

Laica takes a moment out of time.

We must all have moments when it seems that the world is something that happens to other people, something that goes on outside of our own understanding.

We have no control over it.

We just watch it happen; like those moments when you can see an accident about to happen but you know that nothing you could ever do could stop it. It’s predetermined. It’s just going to happen.

Much like falling in love or simply losing a dropped coin under a shop counter; these are the kind of moments that can come back to us in the early hours. Those last few moments before we wake up or when you can feel the weight of sleep taking over. In all of these everyday day moments time seems to stand still. Extant is the sound of those moments.

These warm embracing drones are like a 76:14 for 2013; that’s how highly I recommend this album. Simply, it’s beautiful. Perfectly produced and I honestly believe ‘Extant‘ is an album you will come back to years from now.

oh/ex/oh first appeared on the horizon with his Entropic EP in the early part of 2012 but has been busy from as far back as 2009 when he was out collecting sounds for his Tokyo Field Recordings EP.

Album opener Crepuscule sets the scene and tone of this album. In essence these few deep chords have a warmth to them that is missing in a lot of modern drone or ambient music; like a beatless Autechre moment. However, the album is no carbon copy.

Extant as a whole is something new and yet familiar; granular and organic; almost orchestral in places. It is an unhurried piece. Please, take the time to listen to it.

The album download comes packaged with a short film to accompany the track The Last Days. Dom Murphy, the writer and director of the short, says of the film

“The narrative centres around hope and hopelessness. Shot from a first person perspective, the narrative casts the viewer as the lone survivor, traversing the silent landscape.”


OH/EX/OH – Crepuscule
OH/EX/OH – Burners
OH/EX/OH – The Holy Fallout
OH/EX/OH – STS-115
OH/EX/OH – The Last Days
OH/EX/OH – Close Encounters
OH/EX/OH – The Resonator
OH/EX/OH – Distance (Reprise)
OH/EX/OH – (With Nova) A New Beginning
OH/EX/OH – The Third Eye


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