Mossmade Beatz – Blitzed EP

Quite possibly THE resource for all things Grime on the internet; Grimeforum shared this earlier in the week. Composed of 6 instrumental grime tracks from one of their dedicated community members Mossmade Beatz.

Heads down, skank heavy business. Our picks: Sank! for that big sub and Blitzed (Ghost Mix) for its infectious splintered beat action and dystopian vibe. What’s impressing me, beyond just the sound is that this producer, according to his Soundcloud bio, is 14 years old. Kudos to this kid then is in order.

Mossmade Beatz – Blitzed EP

Mossmade Beatz – Blitzed
Mossmade Beatz – Who Killed Kenny?
Mossmade Beatz – Sank!
Mossmade Beatz – Sling
Mossmade Beatz – Diesel
Mossmade Beatz – Blitzed (Ghost Mix)


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