Moleskin – Moleskin EP on Goon Club Allstars

Following the dreamy Mssingno EP from back in November, Goon Club Allstars’ third release sees label co-owner and Keysound man Moleskin come with a hectic self-titled EP.

The opening two tracks harness echoes of junglism most expressive of the stylistic melting pot gripping the lower-tempo movement in the UK right now, with opener We Been Ready on an (only slightly) more orthodox grime tip and Clemency on a stranger tangent sounding like something that might well have come out on Cold Recordings. The EP’s most rowdy effort Turnt On is built on a heavily percussive foundation, scattered with fragments of triumphant brass sounding a little like an Ed Banger joint grafted onto a UK host.

All in all a great four tracker (five if you’re on the digital) and it’s out now so go and get it.

– Jord Sublogos (Inorganic Audio)


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