Swarm Intelligence live at Pulsion AV 21.05.2011

Another high grade dark electronics selection from the Berlin based Swarm Intelligence here with a recording of his recent DJ set at La Casa Invisible in Malaga. This is one of those mixes where the tracklist does all the talking.

As it stands this mix is comprised of work from Jega, Vex’d, FLO, Rory St John, Milanese, AFX, Broken Note, Somatic Responses, Richard Devine, Clark, Doc Scott, Lukes Anger, with the finish landing at the work of 2 Bad Mice. All in all a pretty comprehensive darkfloor collection of soundwaves and beats.

If this mix wets your appetite for more from Swarm then you can hit his rinsing showcase session for Mantis Radio from earlier this year.

Swarm Intelligence live at Pulsion AV 21/05/2011

Jega – Rigid Body Dynamics
Vex’d – Lion
Swarm Intelligence – Skrote
LFO – Mummy, I’ve Had An Accident…
Rory St John – Deglove
Grovskopa – 180 (Brethren remix)
Joyrex – Joyrex J4
Milanese – So Malleable (Cold Mix)
British Murder Boys – Anti Inferno
Swarm Intelligence – Hcdoer
Chris McCormack – Smash the System
Richard Devine – Rusx Fee
AFX – Elephant Song
Broken Note – Aporia
Somatic Responses – Docking Bay
Swarm Intelligence – Shadow Steppa
Richard Devine – Jiffacid
Universal Indicator – Red 2
Max Duley – White Lies
Stoersender – Gedankenstau
Nightmares On Wax – Sal Batardes (Autechre Mix)
Clark – Gonk Roughage
Doc Scott – Lets Go
QBass – Hardcore Will Never Die (Telepathic Mix)
Rory St John – Wasted
Clark – Ache of the North
Surgeon – Return
LFO – Kombat Drinking
Lukes Anger – Martian Baby
Oscar Mulero – CV is Dead
2 Bad Mice – Bombscare


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