Unseen Selectors – Graphite North Vol. 9 + 10

It’s been about a year since we last heard a session from the mysterious Unseen Selectors for their Graphite North blog. This week two mixes have surfaced for their series; numbers 9 and 10. The last one I posted here was their 7th session back in October 2010 (number 8 from December last year can be got here).

So why has there been a year since we last heard a recording from these guys, turns out:

Performng live, Producing, DJ-ing, Blagging, Travelling, Occasionally getting naked….

Musically we’re going deep, bleak and cold with work from The Haxan Cloak, Demdike Stare, Tropic of Cancer, Ekoplekz, Forest Swords and Godspeed You Black Emperor gracing mix 10. Mix 9 goes for the techno framework with sound from Regis, Robert Armani, Silent Servant, Oscar Mulero and Heiko Laux constructing a sharp cerebral session.

Definitely some sound to lose yourself in during these wintry days laid down before us.

Graphite North Mix Volume 010 mixed by Unseen Selectors
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Intro – Illuminati 1_1
Haxan Cloak – Fall
Tropic Of Cancer – Dive Wheel Of The Law
Demdike Stare – Hashashin Chant
Interlude – AM_FM
Duppy Gun Productions – Earth (Version)
Sandra Electronics – New Purpose
Powell – The Ongoing Significance Of Steel & Flesh
Ekoplekz – Narco Samba
Yves De Mey – Past To A Halt
Iesope Drift – Korot
Interlude – Mechanisms
Forest Swords – Miarches
Godspeed You Black Emperor – Dead Flag Blues
John Cohen – Tar River
Haxan Cloak – Memoriam

Graphite North Mix Volume 009 mixed by Unseen Selectors
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Zadig – Reform
Antigone – The Machinist (Zadig mix)
Marcellus – 24_7
Developer – Edifico
Robert Armani – Ambulance (DJ Hyperactive mix)
Punto – 3tempo3
Silent Servant – Mad Youth
Heiko Laux – Re_Televised
Unknown – B1 – Edit
Unknown – A1 – Edit
Mike Parker – Pulse Trader
Oscar Mulero – Tidal Acceleration
Emmanuel Jal – Kuar (Olof Dreijer remix)
Emmanuel Top – Brutal Drum
Regis – Blinding Horses
Robert Armani – Winter (Dave Clarke mix)
Sapiano & The Partycrashers – Signal


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