K.Larm + J.Raninen, live at KTK3 25.02.2011

Those regular Mantis Radio listeners of you may well remember a slamming acid techno set from the fittingly named Acidizer back in June ’09. Acidizer is better known as J.Raninen and is often to be found producing and performing with friend and fellow all things acid enthusiast K.Larm.

This is the recording of a liveset they performed from back in late February at KTK3 (KOTIMAAN TEKNOKATSAUS vol 3) at Kuudes linja, Helsinki, Finland. I was actually looking to post up a more recent live set recording, thou at the moment it’s only available to stream. Still this fills the gap nicely and it even comes with a video recording of their entire set.

K.Larm + J.Raninen, live at KTK3 25.02.2011

K.Larm + J.Raninen – Recurrent Amnesia
K.Larm + J.Raninen – Out Of Frame
K.Larm + J.Raninen – What
K.Larm + J.Raninen – Luftpost 2010
K.Larm + J.Raninen – Shake It


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