Palliative Dub-effects Mashup Mix by Luke Lund for Radio Al Hara

Dub runs deep in the vein of Finland’s Luke Lund. The mutant, noise ridden experimental kind that infests your ears resonating deep and aggressively.

His recent 60 minute mix for the Palestine based station Radio Al Hara is a stacked track sonic rollout, further manipulated with live “shockout” dub effects by Luke himself. This is lead heavy rhythm.

Going hyper — another trippy mix of live shockout dub effects and cramming too many recent favourites in an hour I might as well toss in three at a time… forthcoming stuff / entirely exclusive jams / eclectic electronics / tectonic sub / concrète sound / the power of the word…

The mix features cuts from Marina Rosenfeld, Warrior Queen, Gerhard Rühm, Shelley Parker, J-Shadow, Koenig and Sensational, ManonMars, Obeah and Trim, Gábor Lázár, Basic Rhythm and a whole load more mashups, blends and layers, including a slew of his own tracks. It aired August 4th, 2020.

Radio Al Hara is a communal radio station / project that began in Bethlehem and Ramallah. [It] aims to extend to other places in Palestine and throughout the world, an open platform for listening, adding, discussing, and chatting. So we can all go through this time of solitude while communicating and reminding each other of each other. We hope this is the beginning of a collective space that will continue once this worldwide crisis is over.

Luke Lund · Palliative Dub-effects Mashup Mix (????? ?????? Radio Al Hara • 2020.08.04)

Marina Rosenfeld ft. Warrior Queen – Hard Love
Withdrawn & Birthmark – White Lies
O.G. Jigg – Harvest (Grime Man Next Door Mix)
PARSA – hehehe x Charles Amirkhanian – Muchrooms x Luke Lund – Kladistiikka
Gerhard Rühm – Blätter
Luke Lund -Skyllan ja Kharybdiin Välillä
RM Francis – oyYO oyYO @reverss
F&E – Amber (V 1.3)
Luke Lund – Nowness x Catu Diosis – Choc Kedda
Koenig ft. Sensational – Mr. Kiwi’s
Indigenous Resistance – Perfect Black Light x Luke Lund – 20-20,000
Shelley Parker – Let the Body C x Luke Lund – Untitled Moog One Improv
Waon-P – Lisson x Luke Lund – Spasmi x Luke Lund – Hunajaan Takertunut Kärpänen
Leo Chadburn – The Subject x Gábor Lázár – Phase
J-Shadow – Apparition x Luke Lund – Untitled Korg Prologue Improv x Basic Rhythm – Break it Down (VIP)
ManonMars – Alcatel x Satin Doll – Dub for Annie
J. Albert – Pep Talk x Bouchons D’Oerilles – Part 2 x Beatrice Dillon – SG1
Georgia – Walking Around Soho
Obeah ft. Trim – Dead in This Ting x Luke Lund – Untitled Generative Excerpt
Conflict – Statement (Iceman Junglist Kru Escape From South London Mix)
Speaker Music ft. Maia Sanaa – Amerikkka’s Bay x Luke Lund – Dissipative Structure


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