Subkoks – post dubstep industrial 2012

One hundred and fourteen minutes of dark, intense, heavy electronics for the head and dance-pit.

This then, is a mix by Latvian Subkoks. A quick skim over the tracklist will tell you just how pitch black and granite layered this selection is: Mobthrow, Ed Devane. Machine Code, oyaarss, Point B, Cloaks, King Cannibal and Dead Fader will already be conjuring the impending onslaught via your ears into your mind.

I have actually been meaning to post this mix for months, and in that time the downloads have expired for this mix, however, I’ll seek out an alternative upload for ya. So streaming only at the moment.

Subkoks – post / dubstep / industrial mix 2012
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Mobthrow – The 3 Marks (ft. Katja)
Aon – Sprieguma deja
Ed Devane – Squib
Machine Code – Requiem (Boris Noiz remix)
Oyaarss – Naida dziesma
Mobthrow – Iron Tribal
Kaleeys – No Ta Kas Liek Man Smaidit
Point B – Suicide beauty spot (Cloaks remix)
Dead Fader – Corrupt my examiner
Cloaks – Against
Oyaarss – Smaida greizi nakamiba
King Cannibal ft Jahcoozi – Murder Us (Deadfader remix)
Cloaks – Blackstar
Dead Fader – Jbe zorg
Oyaarss -Laimigas beigas
Oyaarss – Ibumetins sagurusai dveselei
Oyaarss – A La Holeage (Subkoks remix 2011)


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