Hyo, live at Hangar, VII Aniversario Espiral Sonora

At just 40 minutes this recording of Hyo from November last year might not be as long as you’d hope but it makes quite the impact. Strong, industrially dank, progressively textured techno is what you can expect. Comprising, from my understanding, off all his own work, it captivates your attention from the off.

Jonathan Gallo Sevilla, the 26 year old producer from Burgos in Spain was drawn to the darker and more aggressive forms of unconventional music from quite young. At age 14 he began to discover breaks, IDM and the experimental hand of a certain Aphex Twin who has since become the centre of his musical vision. His curiosity in how to create such a range of sound led him to turn his hand at production. As he matured his work drew inspiration from the often industrial Birmingham techno sound resulting in a sonic identity where his work is characterised by strong tribal rhythms, combined with often dense, deep and dark semblance.

Hyo live at Hangar, VII Aniversario Espiral Sonora 27.11.2010



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