MIX / Phone live at Miniclub 01.01.2011

Phone, the alias of one Alfonso Civantos and the man behind the Spanish SUBSIST label upped a recording of a recent set of his which by now you’ve no doubt gathered I have posted here for you to listen to.

The tracklist is very intriguing, containing some quality techno cuts from the likes of DJ Boss, Inigo Kennedy, Skirt, Mattias Fridell and Plastikman together with more electro based fare. Radioactive man, The Exaltics, Aphex Twin and Byetone.

Phone live at Miniclub 01.01.2011

Sebbo – Watamu (Moritz Von Oswald Rework)
Charlton – Utp
Ramie – This Foundry (Regis remix)
Byetone – Straight
Skirt – Ikaros
Bittahkru – Clean My Heads
Mattias Fridell – Irrability
John Roberts – Pruned
2562 – Techno Dread
Der Räuber Und Der Prinz – Jagd Auf Den Hirsch (Geteilter Raum remix)
Shed – Keep Time
The Bug Feat Killa.P + Flow Dan – Skeng (Kode 9 remix)
Jimmy Edgar- Warm Play Look Away
Clubroot – Whistles & Horns
Mas 2008 – Wasted
Tudor Acid – Urgent (Radioactive Man remix)
DJ Boss – Atmolam
Luís Ruiz – Zeta Centauros
The Exaltics – The Slipping Away
Abelde – The Progress Principle
Plastikman – Psyk
Chrislo – L`Eau (Surgeon remix)
Koova – Surveillance Nation
Cio D´Or – Organza (Transparent Dub remix)
Jeroen Search – Untold (Epic Depth remix By Mr. Mau)
Ed Davenport – Weird Organ
Luís Ruiz – Amigo Fiel
Mariel Ito – My Cyborg Depths
Kritical Audio – Spandex
Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Acid remix)
Iori – Time Hole
Elektrabel – Vatan
Inigo Kennedy – Runway Dreams
Voyaguer 8 – We Left The Planet
Inigo Kennedy – Hamingjusamur
Elektrabel – B43
Nick Dunton – Side Oikmene (65000 Leagues Mix)


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