Swarm Intelligence’s Irish Electronics DJ set

Swarming with quality darkfloor electronica, and via from the Swarm Intelligence site (see what I did there). Ha.  Recorded at the weekend, September 11, this is Swarm Intelligence offloading some quality sound at the Tacheles club in Berlin.

With Ventolyn & Becotyde and Ed Devane taking a chunk of the tracklist up you know this is going to be a great listen. It seems that there is a forthcoming Rory St John EP coming out shortly on Limetree Recordings. Which in this techno lovers opinion is long overdue. Great news, wonder when that will drop then.

Swarm Intelligence – Irish Electronics DJ Set

[00:00] Swarm Intelligence – Phases [Transporta] forthcoming
[04:42] T-Polar – War Stories for Boys (Ed Devane remix) [Takeover Recordings]
[07:38] Rogue Frequency – Android Attack [Takeover Recordings]
[09:56] Fran Hartnett – Sword & Shield [Stasis Records]
[12:02] Swarm Intelligence – Black Parsed [Stasis Records] forthcoming
[14:49] Eomac – Don’t Be Realistic, Be Optimistic [unreleased]
[17:35] Thatboytim – Down in the Hole (Terrorboy remix) [Takeover Recordings]
[20:38] Fran Hartnett – Alpha [Mantrap Recordings]
[23:24] Rory St John – Untitled 2 [Limetree] forthcoming
[26:39] The Banker – Scary Monster Dub [Kaboogie Records]
[29:37] Defekt – Our Future [Takeover Recordings]
[33:22] Rory St John – Deglove [Limetree] forthcoming
[36:24] Lakker – Julystep [Acroplane Recordings]
[38:06] Swarm Intelligence – Squenl [Stasis Records] forthcoming
[41:27] Rory St John – Wasted [Stasis Records]
[43:41] John Dalton – After (Eomac remix) [Invisible Agent Records] forthcoming
[46:25] Digger – Brookfield Grime (Kachanski’s Kryptonite remix) [Second Square To None]
[49:08] Ed Devane – 2C-me [Takeover Recordings] forthcoming
[51:06] Swarm Intelligence – Ruptured Cones [Stasis Records] forthcoming
[53:48] Lakker – Unexpected Error [Kaboogie Records]
[53:18] Ed Devane – Get My Way (Eomac remix 1) [Mantrap Recordings] forthcoming
[60:28] Ventolyn & Becotyde – Exorcore [Stasis Records]
[64:11] Ed Devane – Brain your Melt [Mantrap Recordings]

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