MIX / Phone live at Happy Mondays

Another recording from Phone aka Alfonso Civantos, the man behind the SUBSIST label. Recorded back in August 2010 but with a somewhat serious selection of sound programmed into the 2 hour recordings.

Phone live at Happy Mondays miniclub 22.08.2010

Inigo Kennedy – The Shard
Luís Ruiz – Mens Of Zeta Reticuli
Flug – Factor (Pfirter remix)
S-Tek – Random Adjust
Mr. Mau – The Assignment
Traversable Wormhole – When 2d Meets 3d
Surgeon – Force + Form Remake
Inigo Kennedy – A Wilder Acceptance
The Ripped – When There Is Nothing Left
Makaton – The Eternal Host
Asagaoaudio – 20 May
Surgeon – First
8 (Ae Mix)
Tyler Smith – Weird Dreams
Exium – Geisha
Damon Wild – Traveller
Tony Lionni – Found A Place
Fumiya Tanaka – One Sparkle
Hiroaki Hizuka – Basic Form
Mr Mau – Execute & Disappear
Regis – Ital
Mattias Fridell – Universe Domain Analysis
Transllusion – Transmission Of Live
Jeff Mills – The Hacker
DJ Hell – Hot In The Heels (Dave Clarke remix)
Johannes Heil – Paranoid Dancer (Alexander Kowalski remix)
Mr . Mau – Body Lost
Hoog – Abuis (Black Smith Craft remix)
Parodi – Lfo
Diego – High In Spaces
Inigo Kennedy – Ups & Down
Voidloss – End Of The Days
Mike Parker – Protolanguage
James Ruskin -Work
Terrence Dixon – Links
Surgeon – Crawling Frog Is Torn And Smiles
Johannes Heil – Feiern (Pt.1)
Surgeon – Badger Bite
Surgeon – Screw The Roses
Spokesman – Acid Creak (Pierre’s Reconstruction Mix)
Afx – Elephant Song
Miller And Keane – Underwater Fireworks
Ritzi Lee – Utility 2
Greencross – Monstakilla
Christian Bloch – Virus
Alexs Efx -122kat12
Surgeon – Scorn
Jeff Mills – Phase 4
Johnnes Heil – Pyramida Del Sol
Aubrey – Melt Down


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