C Mantle – Ambient Drone 2

Following on from his recent part 1, comes, in a logical fashion no less, part 2 of C Mantle‘s Ambient Drone series. He promised in an email to me that more mixes would follow should he be lent a set of decks. As you’re no doubt assuming, and rightly I might add, some kind friend of his has lent him a set of decks, so there we are.

Artist wise you’ve some serious talent flexing their dark ambience might with the likes of Pan Sonic, Richard Devine, Lull, Mika Vainio, Thomas Dimuzio and My Dying Bride taking up entries in the tracklisting.


Blond – Dohn (1995)
Rayon – Mount Carmel (1995)
My Dying Bride – Le Cerf Malade (1991)
Richard Devine – Flask (2003)
Thomas Dimuzio – Zosz (1991)
Pan Sonic – Kurnutus (1998)
Cobra 2000 – Porten Flat (1995)
Thomas Dimuzio – Ground Error (1997)
Dead Labour Process – Scrunched Bangle (2009)
E.A.R. – Gydroponic (1994)
:Zoviet*France: – Daisy Gun (1994)
+ Pan Sonic – Luotain (1998)
Lull – Thoughts (1993)
Noma – Drone Returning to Hive (2009)
Mika Vainio – Illmanvaito (2009)


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