Vacu Sessions 17 – Darren McClure

The 17th Vacu Sessions has been unleashed with Darren McClure at the helm.

Of Northern Irish origin but presently residing in Japan, Darren makes music he describes as resulting

from a combination of digital sounds generated from software and field recordings. Often the field recordings are processed, but other times are left untreated. The sounds I look to create tend to be textural and warm, laying down drones and atmospheres on top of which fragmented melodies appear and disappear in the mix.

His music doesn’t feature in this mix for the Vacu Sessions, thou you can check out his work over on his Soundcloud profile or his Discography. Darren has pulled together a great selection of work presenting a tracklist, unusually for the Vacu Session so far, featuring some artists I’m familiar with.

He also has included 3 of my favourite producers; a certain Mick Harris recording as Lull, the Gescom collective and Autechre.

Vacu Sessions 17 – Darren McClure

Lull – Moment 1-3
Gescom – Shoegazer
Stephan Mathieu – Auf der Gasse
Dolphins into the Future – Lapse-Dream
Final – Right Signal
Emeralds – Live Cleveland 04 10 02
Kid 606 – Thank You For Being My Angel
Oneohtrix Point Never – Ships Without Meaning
Autechre – See On See
Chihei Hatakeyama – Cave
Jodi Cave – For Myria (Two)
Taylor Deupree + Christopher Willits – Bloom
Microstoria – File Care
Christophe Charles – Desert
Helena Gough – Condensed Milk


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