Logical Disorder, live at Baumann Festival

Since I’ve been doing Mantis Radio over the years I am continually stunned by the sheer skill of some musicians.

Be they established and proven producers I’ve finally cottoned onto, upfront new talent that despite the hype bubble deliver the goods, or lesser known but doing their own thing and doing it well. Logical Disorder is an artist who falls into the latter.

You might not have heard his name much outside of Mantis Radio or Darkfloor. You won’t have seen hardly any of his work on iTunes, well besides his stunning October release Holy Battle (which is highly recommended). But for the past few years he has been releasing seminal work on a variety of netlabels; a complete discography exists on his site logicaldisorder.com, of which I’m sure you’ll be looking into following an initial listen to this recording.

The netlabel that I originally discovered him on; Mexican based Breathe has published a 40 minute live session from Javier Barrero (Logical Disorder) and it serves as a superb and immersive introduction to his sound.

Actually intricate IDM (by that I mean intelligent electronic music rather than unclassifiable glitchy sound); strong, emotive and lush synths; a sense of narrative & theme and a touch of the fantastic. I don’t often use the word epic as seriously as I’m about to; but his work is epic sound and, naturally, he is an artist more people to need hear.

Recorded earlier this year at Barcelona’s Baumann Festival.

Logical Disorder Live at Baumann Festival 2011

Logical Disorder – Intro
Logical Disorder – Obibion
Logical Disorder – Naked
Logical Disorder – We Will Birth
Logical Disorder – Angels Versus Animals
Logical Disorder – Motion
Logical Disorder – Violent Playground
Logical Disorder – Prince Of Poverty
Logical Disorder – Corporation


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