DVNT – live at United Beats 19/06/2010

Recorded during my recent DJ set at the techno festival: United Beats, a 3 arena virtual event hosted in Second Life. My set is full of techno, fresh darkfloor beats, and solid faves with a seemingly unhealthy obsession with the new Acroplane release from Electromeca. Yes it really is that good.

Enough words, more music. Here you go:

Marcus Fischer – Tropica [LUXXAr051901-01]
Lingua Lustra – Skylight Ride [Bakshish]
Claudio Mate – Dub Island (Echoreshape mix) [Dpress Industries]
Humano – Life [Music Man Records]
Tommy Four Seven – Surma (Speedy J Dub Tool) [Electric Deluxe]
Zzzzra – La Loi Du Radium (Dominique Jacquinet remix) [Bio-Mechanics]
Overcast Sound – The Beast [Silent Season]
Maztika – Dryad [unreleased]
Maztika – Flame [unreleased]
Buckfunk 3000 – High Volume (Kawatin remix) [Noodles]
Ramandanman – Glut [Hemlock]
Alavux – NuMinimalCrackHead [unreleased]
Andreas Tillander – Stay Down (The Field remix) [Adrian Recordings]
Claudio PRC – Frozen Square [Prologue]
Dead Sound – Tattooed Tears [unreleased]
Kenny Larkin – Glob (Ben Klock remix 1) [Planet E]
Hoth System – Crucifix [unreleased]
Electromeca – Cruisin for Concrete [Acroplane]
Female – Blood Tide (Regis mix) [Downwards]
Nymate Association – Magnet (Tech mix) [Digital Distortions]
Christian Mohr – Poltrabend [Zimmer]
Riz MC – Hundreds and Thousands (Baobinga’s Jit Step remix) [unreleased]
Michael Knop – Ready To Bump [Meleon]
ORiS – Optics [unreleased]
Vector Commander – We Fight For Techno (C-System remix) [Extreme Forces]
Rory St John – Widow [dub]
Nymate Association – Definable Function (Molez remix) [Digital Distortions]
Baconhead – Wookie [Acroplane]
Neonicle – 5th Element [Russian-Techno]
Joey Beltram – Fractuals [Kombination Research]
Electromeca – Bubble + Rusk [Acroplane]
Electromeca – Electric [Acroplane]
Herv – Northern Soulless [theCentrifuge]
Hoth System – The Flesh is Weak [unreleased]
King Cannibal – Badman Near Dark (Stormfield’s Burning Cities mix) [Combat]
King Cannibal – Dirt [Ninja Tune]
Noiz – Slashback (Full Spektrum remix) [Yellow Machines]
Anodyne – Haze [Psychonavigation Records]
Radioactive Man – Pretty Ugly (demo version) [Fabric]
Smashback – Brick Shithouse (Full Spektrum remix) [Bassgun]
Rory St John – Wasted [Statis Records]
Mazzula – UGH [unreleased]
Jammer – Better Than (Lorn remix) [XLR8R]
Electromeca – Steam Funk [Acroplane]
The Advent – Rock Bottom [Kombination Research]
Addison Grove – Footcrab [Swamp 81]
Surgeon – The Crawling Frog Is Torn and Smiles [Dynamic Tension]
Electromeca – 1000 [Acroplane]
Go Hiyama – Free Track [unreleased]
Buckfunk 3000 – High Volume/Jump (HecQ’s ‘High Volume Jumpin’ remix) [Tigerbeat6]
Carl Brown – Ambienty (Cornwall ’92 mix) [the Centrifuge]


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