firnwald’s Winter Mix

Much like his production work, this mix from the German producer Stefan Aigner aka firnwald, is diverse with choice in styles of sounds. From what I understand over at the The Sweetest Noise blog, this mix is to support firnwald’s recent Cinder release on netlabel laridae.

The tracklist is full of many favourite artists of mine that I don’t often see in other peoples playlists and it comes with its fair share of netaudio. So personally it’s a double win here.

Put together with thought, this mix comes with a smooth flow between the tracks and sound. Even if you don’t recognise a lot of the artists, you should be able to trust Darkfloor for highlighting mixes worth your time.

firnwald – Winter Mix

Muhr – Your Fall Theme
Herzog – Aubade
Adamned Age – Substanz_P
D-Fried – Weird-o
Herwig Holzmann – Or Have You
KiloWatts – Two Days Off (Deru remix)
Susumu Yokota – Hagoromo
Damian Valles – Debris
The Sleeping Tree – Fourth Leaf
Gate Zero – Fresh Water Lake
Frog Pocket – Wind Overtone Wind
The Inventors Of Aircraft – Let Me Give You What You Want
Nunu – Kimmidoll
Ulver – Capitel V: Bergtatt – Ind I Fjeldkamrene
Modex – Noise
Sunken Foal – Without Any Thought
Ben Frost – Peter Venkman Part 1
Seba & Paradox – It’s Not A Dream
The Inventors Of Aircraft – Let Me Give You What You Want
Venetian Snares – If I Could Say I Love You
Nicolas Bernier + Simon Trottier – Enchantée
Red Chamber – Invasion (Firnwald remix)
Photophob – Tantalus Part IV
Emil Klotzsch – Sctl16
Karhu – Newtopia Movement 1
Unflower – Unflower
Ryonkt – Green World
Ghost – M°
Opeth – Dirge For November
Sukdabeat – Doux et Rugueux
DJ Spooky – Outtro
Frog Pocket – Dungeon Hills
Dornenreich – IV
Paradeigma – Smisl Vnutri
Yeah Pretty Boy – Ypb’s Anthem
Yeah Pretty Boy – Raccoon
Nobara Hayakawa – Trail
OOO – Dawn Of Forest Laboratories
Firnwald – A Fools Wisdom
Jaga Jazzist – Cinematic
Photophob – The Sound Of Concrete
Eva Be – Just Listen
DoF – March
Aphex Twin – Aussois
Anti Pop Consortium – Monster Sex
Lackluster – Grind


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