Isotroph, live at Dubbage, Dijon

Recorded back on March 3rd this is Isotroph live at La Péniche Cancale, in his home town of Dijon.

Isotroph first caught my ear with his Passenger EP on the continually impressing Airflex Labs label. My review back in November is suitably positive on that subject. That was shortly followed by a recording of a set he performed in Lyon in December.

Isotroph, realname Nicolas Couval, is a producer concerned with deep dub and rich aural texture. His productions are subterraneanly deep and smooth suitably gracing the catalogues of F4tmusic and Airflex Labs with individual tracks hitting various compilations for the likes of The Studio Stereo, Kosmo Netlabel, Underdogs Records and Fresh Poulp Records.

Isotroph – Nenuphar
Xpansul and Imek – La Salud (Marko Furstenberg remix)
Pablo Bolivar – Cool Down
Beat Pharmacy – Ghostship feat Spaceape (Deadbeat remix)
Pablo Bolivar – Night Transfer
Pablo Bolivar – Reflect (Scott Thomas Hard Mood mix)
The Timewriter – Travellers (Beat Pharmacy dub)
Pablo Bolivar – Looking for a Shape
Ben Klock – Pulse
Cosmin Trg – Izolat
Isotroph – Passenger
Furreshu – 1993
Icicle – Xylophobia
Indigo – Mood
Isotroph – Crossroads
Synkro – Heroes
Jack Sparrow – Loveless
Synkro – Come With Me
Asusu – No Kya (F remix)
Asusu – No Kya
Isotroph – Lymbe
Noise Motion – From Space (Isotroph remix)
Isotroph – Lymbe (F remix)
Isotroph – Nenuphar (Neat remix)
Isotroph – Avenir


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