Isotroph, live at ‘Philosophie #1’, Hot Jazz Club

Regular readers to this site will know how much I liked Isotroph‘s recent EP release on Airflex Labs. Seriously, it’s wonderful, check out my review and grab it now. Anyways, this is a very recent recording of Isotroph, taken from his DJ set at the Philosophie #1 night at Hot Club Jazz, Lyon, France on December 12th.

This is one submerged trip. Heady dubbed vibes permeate throughout and with a setlist comprising of Sigha, Deepchord, Phaeleh, Neat, Echospace, Intrusion and Helixir you know you’re in for a smooth listen.

Isotroph live at ‘Philosophie #1’

Sigha – Light Swells (In A Distant Space)
Deepchord – Vantage (cv313 reduction II)
Isotroph – Crossroads
Neat – Lime and Sugar
Phaeleh – Sundown
Isotroph – Lymbe
Icicle – Xylophobia
Isotroph – Lymbe (F remix)
Isotroph – Kenya (Blind Prophet remix)
Isotroph – Kenya
Isotroph – Nenuphar (Neat remix)
Alix Perez – Metric
Kryptic Minds – Hybrid
Helixir – The Big Wheel
Anansi – Peri’s Dub
Isotroph – Nenuphar
Luke Hess – Agape dub
Deepchord – Vantage Isle (DC mix I)
Echospace – Sonorous (cv313’s Midst Of Something Beautiful Mix)
P.H.2 – Constellation
Minilogue – Cow, Crickets And Clay
Luke Hess – Son Beams
Beat Pharmacy feat. Spaceape – Ghostship (Deadbeat remix)
Re-Drum – Microcosmos
Ub313 – track 6 (echospace reshaped dub)
Beat Pharmacy – Sunshine
Pablo Bolivar – My Own Reality
Intrusion – Montego Bay
Mikkel Metal – Lommer (Pablo Bolivar remix)
Blind Prophet – Recollection (Isotroph remix)
Deepchild – Glitches Ain’t Ship
Ben Klock – Pulse


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