Inigo Kennedy

Inigo Kennedy – TS0008

The start of a new month brings to some new opportunities and new challenges; for others it brings new bills for rent and utilties, and for a lucky few it brings new music much like the monthly techno flex that London’s Inigo Kennedy delivers. Hitting the 8th of the continuing series is this mix, serving up another fine 90 minutes of deep, focused tech sound to your ears. If you still haven’t caught any of the mixes in this series, then you are missing out on a fantastic DJ showcasing just what he’s capable of.

Those of you who are already Inigo fans will be pleased to read (and subsequently hear) that there is a trove of fresh Kennedy material within. Recorded August 1st, 2011.

Go Hiyama – Hiky [Sam007]
Inigo Kennedy – Rubidium [unreleased]
Inigo Kennedy – Shapeshifter [unreleased]
Inigo Kennedy – Nothing But Sun [unreleased]
Inigo Kennedy – Aldebaran [unreleased]
Inigo Kennedy – Revenge [unreleased]
Inigo Kennedy – Downfall [unreleased]
Inigo Kennedy – DLR [Token10]
Inigo Kennedy – The Shard [Token14]
Inigo Kennedy – Xx1 [Molxx1]
DJ Slip – Untitled [Fearofmusic1]
Kenaz – Ungewis [Rune002d]
Shutter – Post 3 M (Inigo Kennedy remix) [unreleased]
Claro Intelecto – Instinct [Love052cd]
Pink Floyd – On The Run (Asymmetric edit) [unreleased]
Exium – The Unexpected Part 1 [Nh010]
Go Hiyama – Wa [Sam007]
Beyoncé – Run The World (Girls) (Asymmetric edit) [unreleased]
Perc – London We Have You Surrounded [Tptlp003]
Joey Beltram – Fractals [Kr024]
Stansislav Tolkachev – Apexcordis [Fvtd002]
Pilldriver – Pitch-Hiker (Slow) [Aca2017]
Marco Carola – Poison [1000cd]
Tomohiko Sagae – Mental Anguish [Hhx001]
Patrick Walker – Phase Linear (Boex & Miller remix) [Dref008]
Robert Pain – Scena III [Tpr005]
Donor – Lapse [Sa010]
A.N.D – Untitled (A1) [Hg09]
Unkonwn – Injustice [Hate001]
Erp – Cold Colony [Semantica30.1]
Khoiba – Ohio (Asymmetric Rework By Inigo Kennedy) [Mole060-8]
Surgeon – Transparent Radiation [Dtrlp2]

Appears I myself missed the 7th session, you can grab that here.


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