DVNT – Downbeaten Exploratory Interests Vol 1

A few weeks back we got an email at Darkfloor HQ asking where the first and second volumes of the sporadic series Downbeaten Exploratory Interests from DVNT were.

We’ve had Volume 3 on here since it was recorded in 2010 yet we never got around to publishing the those first two here on Darkfloor. And whilst they’ve existed on various message boards I felt it was about time we put these up here. So here’s the first one, recorded nearly 6 years ago sometime in November 2007.

Volume 2 followed a year later in 2008 (I’ll add that shortly). Volume 4 has as yet not happened. It’s somewhat overdue; quite the understatement 3 years. So let’s say we intend to get another recorded in the next few weeks.

Until then, here is the first in the series of downbeat, downtempo, ambient, drone and chilled mixtapes by DVNT.


brklss – Sunday Rain [unreleased]
JP and and the Other Stuff – Box 76 [unreleased]
Stephane Leonard – Gloomy Monday [Serein]
Chris Clark – Empty the Bones of You [Warp]
Muhr – Intro (from The Forever Tunnels) [Miasmah]
Future for the Good – Half Life [Virus B-23]
Carl Craig – Darkness [Planet E Communications]
Jeff Mills – Flare 10 [Axis]
1000 Hours of Staring – I Am Philips Head (Vast Active) [Serein]
Lull – Moments 22 [Release Entertainment]
Dykehouse – Again, Again [Planet Mu]
DJ Spooky – The Vengeance of Galaxy 5 [Asphodel]
Âme – Rej (A Hundred Birds Beatless Mix) [Defected]
Aienn – yukute no mienai kuukan (extended) [unreleased]
Crepusculum – A Sheltered Life (Herzog Reprise) [12rec.net]
J Dilla – Nothing Like This [Stones Throw Records]
Doof – Dark Secrets of the Manky Fudgepocket [Twisted Records]
Muhr – An End To None But To All That Is Still [Serein]


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