Inigo Kennedy’s crucial mix TS0001

by on December 31, 2010 in Mixes

Recent Mantis Radio showcase guest and all round techno don Inigo Kennedy upped this earlier just hours after recording it.

A quick glance at the tracklist and you know you’re in for a good time. If you haven’t already I highly recommend following this up with his set for Mantis Radio. Sure I’m bias, but man, this boy does killer techno.

Recorded December 30, 2010.


Atom (Tm) – Weijaes Rauschen [R-N99]
Atom (Tm) – Im Rausch Der Gegenwart I [R-N99]
Skirt – In The Meadow Under The Stars [Hg07]
Inigo Kennedy – Obsidian [Token017]
Andariel – Dreamer [Sin003]
Skirt – Ikaros [Hg07]
Marcel Dettmann – Scourer [Ostgutcd15]
Michaelangelo – Conception Iv [Subsist3]
Datamine – Final Execution [Mak028]
Reality Or Nothing – Untitled (Silent Servant mix) [Rsb9]
Perc – Tension [Sam005]
Stanislav Tolkachev – Yes, Today [Pohltd001]
Makaton – 41_43 [Mak016]
Skream – Glamma [Tempa016]
Ben Klock – Bear [Ostgutcd15]
Inigo Kennedy – Untitled [Asymp3020]
Reducer – Cascade (A1) [Ins007]
Inigo Kennedy – Caverns [Asymp3020]
Khoiba – Ohio (Asymmetric Rework By Inigo Kennedy) [Mole060-8]
Curve – Falling Free (Aphex Twin remix)
Aphex Twin – Analogue Bubblebath 1
Inigo Kennedy – Roundabound [Asymp3019]
Inigo Kennedy – Triangle [Asymp3019]
Makaton – Goat Bone (Female & Regis remix) [Mak013]
Phase – The Dialogue [Token016]
Mark Broom – Two [Cr005]
Inigo Kennedy – Terpsichore [Asymp3012]
Regis – Speak To Me [Lino008]
Inigo Kennedy – Attitude [dub]
Surgeon – Stringent [Dtrlp01]
Go Hiyama – Geometrical (Surgeon remix) [Aar030]
Voidloss – Ix Tab [Sin007]
Force – Hardminicid [Sin005]
Aphex Twin – On [Wap39]
Joey Beltram – Floaters [Tresor34]
Morganistic – Crimes & Misdemeanours [Inmlp1]
Morgan Vs Damon Wild – Flowerchild [Geo033]
Datamine – Interpolate [Mak024]
Datamine – Encoding Memory (Inigo Kennedy Armageddon 2419 mix) [Mak023]
Jeff Mills – The Extremist (Retro mix) [Tresor023]
Surgeon – Electric Chicken [Lino010]

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