Si Begg, live at Hear No Evil, XOYO. 06.05.2011

In some ways I’m both relived and gutted about this set surfacing from the good ship Begg. Relived as thou I had planned to attend the event at London venue XOYO I never managed it, and gutted for the same reason as Si proves once again why I rate him so highly as a producer and DJ. In both disciplines he isn’t afraid to push himself forward, try new things, educate, entertain and above all else have a jolly good time of it. Mixes from Mr Begg aren’t that plentiful so treasure this one.

This comes complete with tracklist. If you aren’t already downloading this, there is something wrong. Get on it.

A recent DJ Mix recorded live in London @ XOYO . Part of a Hear No Evil night inc. Dorian Concept etc…

Starts off a bit 4/4 wonk goes a bit broken electro then wobbles into mid tempo and glitch hop whomp. The usual capers really.

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Si Begg ft Epcot – Hard Like Funk (Motor City Dub)
Black E – Y O Y Jack – Sleep Debt
Midfield General ft Noel Fielding – Seed Distribution (Si Begg unreleased fidigity mix)
Mr Sofalumpkins – The Edge of Adhesion – Genius Skills
Unique 3 ft Adele Collins – Take This Love (Si Begg remix)
Dopplereffekt – Cellular Phone
Jennifer Delano – Amsterdam Looking For a Spot (Si Begg Grumpy Old DJ remix)
Darqwan – 4real
Baconhead – Goonies
Si Begg – TBC (forthcoming on Addictech)
Tipper – Flat Ripple
Clipse / Pharrel – Stuntin Y’all (Ghislan Poirer rmx)
Jacob London ft Wheelie Cyberman – Si Begg remix – Street Ritual
Cursor Miner – Acid Bombastique
Juice Aleem vs Si Begg – Rock My Hologram (Pleasure Principal Instrumental)
Tipper – Off Kilter
Si Begg – TBC (forthcoming on Addictech)
Juice Aleem vs Si Begg – Rock My Hologram remix
Busy P ft Epcot bootleg


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