Weird grimacing granny with wirey hair repeated multiple times, b&w

Gerry Boo – Papa’s Got A Brand New Hag

A change of styles from Gerry Boo with this mix, of whom some of you may recall his Tonal Selection mix posted back in September, which went for more jagged and deep techno that this his latest offering: Papa’s Got A Brand New Hag.

Out of the blocks and running at speed straight into a more distorted broken beat affair culminating in a selection of tracks from artists Mad EP, Loops Haunt, Cloaks, Scorn, Gescom, Gaslamp Killer, Somatic Responses and A Tribe Called Quest amongst the rabble.

Gerry Boo – Papa’s Got A Brand New Hag

A Tribe Called Quest – The Pressure [Jive]
Spectre – Hidden Gods (DJ Vadim remix) [Wordsound]
Funkstorung – Fat Camp Feva [!K7]
Kaman Leung – No.62426 [Takeshi]
Sensational – Breezy Session [Wordsound]
The Gaslamp Killer – Monsterfromtheunderground [Brainfeeder]
Gescom – Mag 3.1426 (Ae remix) [SKAM]
Mad EP – Nicoffiene [Hymen]
Meat Beat Manifesto – Kick That Man [MBM]
Red Snapper – Brickred (Dr Radious Brick dub) [Lo Recordings]
Loops Haunt – Rubber Sun Grenade [Fortified Audio]
Hurtdeer – Oruborus [Acroplane]
Somatic Responses – Drilldown [Hymen]
Cloaks – Rust On Metal [3by3]
Scorn – Insert Waggler [Hymen]


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