T.R.O. – I’m A Purist Vol.3

As the title cunningly suggests this is the 3rd ‘Purist’ mix from German based producer and Furioso label owner T.R.O.

This time he’s focused on broken techno / tech sounding breakbeat. So enough of me typing words and that, let’s get to the mix in question.

T.R.O. – I’m A Purist Vol.3

Ricky Ambilotti – Construkt (NotoMash remix) [3 Liquid Hz]
The Sleeper – Energy [Manuscript]
Dead Sound – Flipside [Acroplane]
Heiko Laux – Sense Fiction (Surgeon remix) [Kanzleramt]
Cursor Miner – Shakin’ Heathens [Uncharted Audio]
T.R.O. – Fennpfuhl [unreleased]
N Kick – Beerlover [Audio Dealers]
Wavemother – Marathon [Audio Assault]
Dr. Schmidt – Undweg [Maschinen Musik]
DP-6 – Paranoia (MFoM remix) [DP-6]
Skream – Minimalistix [Nonplus]


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