Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag – Clouds Of Sorrow And Confidence (parts 2+3)

You know how some things completely pass by you and you just straight up miss them. Well I guess I was looking the other way or something because about 6 months ago when one of my favourite techno DJ duos; Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag released parts two and three to their Clouds Of Sorrow And Confidence triptych mix I never noticed.

I wrote about part one back in April with positive adoration and these subsequent continuing and concluding parts are equally essential.

Unclean and Pripad, the team behind the Dead Baby project have an approach to programming dark techno based electronics that ensures they stay on my iPod for many many months. And as such I’m still miffed about just how I missed these two mixes.

Nevertheless here we are; two mixes weighing in with some 3.5 hours of darkfloor approved techno industrial electronica. You’ll be hard pushed to find a better mix/series, you need these in your life. Taking a look at the tracklists will present you with a guide to what to expect but it’s how they mix and program the sounds that makes them, for me, so good.

Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag – Clouds Of Sorrow And Confidence Part 2

Cut Hands – Rain Washes Away Everything
Zero Point Energy – Structure
The End Of All Existence – Endzeit
Antonym – Corcusate
Daily Fauli – Speed
Traject – Metropolis
Cyclo. – Id#08
Roman Lindau – Sub Suggestion
Kangding Ray – Mojave
O/V/R – Post-Traumatic Son (Marcel Dettmann Construction 1)
Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir – Sonar 123 (Edit)
Basqiam – Mantra
Silent Servant – El Mar (Svreca remix 2)
Truncate – Jack
Emptyset – Point
Sandwell District – Svar (Live In Graz)
Violence FM – Perspectives
Voices From The Lake Feat. Donato Dozzy & Neel – Drop 3
Kryptic Universe – Diffusion Decay (313 Mix)
Autechre – PCE Freeze 2.8i
Sendai – Northeast
Demdike Stare – Filtered Through Prejudice
Starkey – Cockroach (Distal Remix)
Van Rivers – Wood Sequence (DVS1 remix)
Unltd – Subversion
John Giorno – Purple Heart (Extract)
Tommy Four Seven – G (Regis remix)
Mania – Mercenary

Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag – Clouds Of Sorrow And Confidence Part 3

Mordant Music – Travelogues 9: TiMe BegriMed
Submania/Ekmoah – Armagedon
Marcel Fengler – Shiraz
Perc – My Head Is Slowly Exploding (Ancient Methods remix)
Sandra Electronics – Protection Now! (Demo – Boomkat Exclusive)
Kangding Ray – Pruitt Igoe (Fall)
Mark Broom & James Ruskin – Night Nurse
Inigo Kennedy – Cloudless
Kentolevi – Imola
Sonic Youth – Shaking Hell
The Great Taitor – The Great Traitor
Sigha – Politics Of Dying (James Ruskin remix)
Radio Slave – Absolute Absolute
Surgeon – Radiance
Badawi – Anlan
AQF – Rhythm Bomb II (Art Greenwood Edit)
Agony Forces – Kybalion (Kero remix)
Scorn – Shake Hand
Iesope Drift – Untitled
Vorheit – Norsk
Equinox – Into Battle (Joey Beltram remix)
Silent Servant – El Salvaje
Samuli Kemppi – Quantum Mechanics (P.A.S. Quantum Dub Edit)
Truncate – Truncate 7
Regis/Female – Against Nature (11 Reclaimed Fragments)
Puzzleweazle & Richard Devine – Mad Bonce
Anstam – Albert
Fluid – Infected Memory (Eggblood remix)
Anthony Child – Youknowiloveyou
Shackleton – Fireworks (T++ Remix)
Mira Calix – The Wolf, The Sheep & The Door
Various Artists – No. 8


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