Ingen – DSNT #050

Kev ‘Ingen’ Blackwood is a familiar face around Darkfloor.

We’ve been a fan of his take on tech for years and just last year he and Savier unleashed their debut collaborative effort as Savagen on our own Darkfloor Sound imprint. Irish techno obsessives DSNT have quite the taste of all things Ingen as well, recently hitting up the Scottish producer for their 50th in the series podcast mix.

His style and sound range from complex poly-rhythms and soundscapes, crossing over to the darker side of techno.

Ingen’s shows have taken him all over the world playing alongside such names as Derreck May, Savier, The Youngsters, The Advent, Whitehouse, and Surgeon

Jam rammed with Ingen cuts, exclusives and tribal vibed beats, this is Ingen, for DSNT.

Ingen – DSNT #050

Unknown Entities – Falling through Black Holes
Ingen – Those Who Know, Know (edit)
United Organics – Iugeri Sonus V
Ingen & Dronelock – Happy Beasts
Unknown Entities – Bad Ju Ju (Patrick Walker remix)
Ingen – Smother’s Run
Ingen & Boris Noiz – Rituals
Ingen – Auld Kirk
Unknown Entities – Raging Horn
Savagen – This is My Bollocking Face
Unknown Entities – Gremlins (Ingen remix)
Ingen – Mucky Treats
14Anger & Deeplift – Tube Ghost (Ingen remix)


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