Rednox’s ‘Between Mask Force & The Mittal Militia’

Something of an insider’s secret – the mixes of Rednox are some of the finest techno mixes out there.

Rednox is one of the principle architects of the Belgium based Ante-Rasa label – an early techno netlabel  that has been sort of dormant for several years but the EPs they did release are great – Arrestar’s Prayer is stunning and Grovskopa’s remix the icing on the cake .

Between Mask Force & The Mittal Militia is the latest in the series of mixes Rednox has shared over the years and features a range of the more current techno sounds, including Sturqen, Sawf, Concrete Fence, These Hidden Hands, Violet Poison, Yves De May, and Corax.

It’s also worth drawing your attention to Shepherds Know How To Have The Best Wool, a mix of Rednox’s from 2007, is one of the absolute finest techno mixes out there. You should definitely be slapping that one on the amp straight after. Trust.

Anyways, here’s both of them. Enjoy.

Rednox – Between Mask Force & The Mittal Militia

Concrete Fence – Industrial Disease [PAM39]
Datura Dilema – Lebgin [Sub-D18]
Bule – Rods From God [Ah001]
Corax – Danaan [MAK041]
Plaster – Uret [SAM015]
Violet Poison – Aenigma Messiah [NAIL004]
These Hidden Hands – Ivy (Lakker remix) [HH001]
Dadub – Flatline [Institut_Für_Zukunft_Sc2]
Roebin De Freitas – Twitch [Ante-Rasa] forth.
Sawf – Menete (Yuji Kondo remix) [TPT059]
Sturqen – Toxinas [KVITNU30]
Yves De Mey – Box Caisson [OPAL025]
Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall – Praseodymium [To:88]

Rednox – Shepherds Know How To Have The Best Wool

Deutsch Nepal – Horses Give Birth To Flies [Stcd067]
Archae & Grovskopa – Screening [Ioump3004]
Monolake – Alaska (Surgeon Rmx) [Ml021]
Hecq – The Fiend [¥748]
Kraken – Elisa [S22]
Autechre – Left Blank [Wapep7cd]
Sleeparchive – Hospital 02 [Zz006]
Jeff Mills – Decompression [Axiscd003]
Ben Gibson – Hollow Men [Mission09]
Stanislav Tolkachev – Rudiment 4 [Poh002]
Svreca – Eye (Version) [Semantica01]
The Hafler Trio – Untitled [Ds03]
Peter Gual – Es Meu Cavallet [Offaudio028]
Casual Violence – Briefly Sexual [Ddlt1201]
Defusion Project – Imbalance [Pr001]
Surgeon – Shaper Of The Unknown [Cbx008]
Makaton – 2 Jags [Rsb05]
Exium – Untitled [Sunn02]
Regis – Aftertaste Of Guilt [Lino030]
Ian J. Richardson – Sandwell District [Ten.Inches.Older#1]
Wavesound – Untitled [Pw001]
Christian Wünsch – White Coats Pt. 1 [Tsu005]
Luka Baumann – Odsustvo [Mo.09]
Aphex Twin – Dodeccaheedron [Rs92009]
Go Hiyama – Personal [Aar020]
Hiroaki Iizuka – Greenworld [Sym11x]
Amon Tobin – Foley Room [Zencd121]
Al Tourettes – My Peril 145 [Krak012]
Scanone – Kick It (the wee djs Rework) [Combat10]
Grovskopa – Emergence Seven Live [Iou012]
Reeko – Untitled [Iou011]
Nomadic – Anxiety [Tb014]
James Ruskin – Untitled [Bp012]
Radial – Semi-Life [Numb010]
The 65d Mavericks – The Search [Bp022]
Black Smith Craft – The Cold Shoulder [Ddltd001]
Paul Mac – Shot Through (Jeroen Liebregts) [Aar023]
Inigo Kennedy – Mister Codes [Token001]
Anton Pieete – Deep Sea [Pvc07]
Architect – A Caine In The Brain [¥759]
Surgeon – Bad Hands Break [Dtr008]
Thom Yorke – The Clock [Xllp200]
Fennesz, Vainio & Zanési – Nostalgia [Sig15001]
Axiome – Fille Des Bois, Fille De Joie [Act116]


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