Surgeon, live at BLOC Festival 2010

Saw this pop up earlier today and it would be rude of us not to share it.

What more needs to be said other than this is UK techno leg-end Surgeon doing what Surgeon does best on March 13th at this year’s BLOC festival. Coming direct from the soundboard this recording is a hefty 320.


Peverelist – Infinity Is Now
Surgeon – Waiting For Me
Forward Strategy Group – Applied Generics
O/V – Kes (Oscar Mulero remix)
Ital Tek – Spectrum Falls
Subeena – Picture
Surgeon – Floorshow Part II
Robert Hood – Range
Regis – Guiltless
The Tuss – Rushup I Bank 12
Dominik Müller – Silesian Boy (Exium remix)
Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder (Fast Thunder)
Thomas Bangalter – Outrun
Marco Bernardi – Giro (Exium remix)
Greena- Tenzado
Starkey – Spacecraft
Function – Montage
Go Hiyama – Geometrical (Surgeon remix)
Starkey – Stars (Slugabed Did A remix)
Surgeon – Klonk (Part 2)
Ritzi Lee – Black Star Ritual (Ben Sims remix)
Russ Gabriel – El Juan
British Murder Boys – Splinter
Zomby – Godzilla
Rustie – Bad Science
Ancient Methods – AM-4
Mark Broom & James Ruskin – Hostage
DJ Bone – Music (Stephen Brown remix)
Ben Klock – Red Alert
Hiroaki Iizuka – Untitled
Joel Alter – Soul Clap
Paul Bailey – Saturday Boy (Surgeon remix)
Surgeon – Whose Bad Hands Are These


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