Casual Violence live at Token / Detatched

So this mix might be over 3 years old but it’s lost none of its appeal.

Recorded back on March 28th at Leeds based UK night Detatched, this is Casual Violence. The Manchester based producer and DJ doing what he does best – an hour of some ice cold, mechanised progress.

I should really do a thank you to Olaf Quintessa (who I posted a cracking acid house mix from recently) for bringing this mix to my attention in a great article he wrote called DJing and the Death of the Grand Tour. In it he discusses the creativity of DJs in the mix and the journey or otherwise, resulting from their selection and programming. Worth a read.

He writes of this mix;

In genre terms it’s techno, but it sounds like pure, chthonic trance. An unwavering 4/4 kick underpins the entire set, carrying an immense atmosphere on its shoulders: Stygian wails and drones, rolling, clattering machinery, ethereal voices, the despair of trapped souls but also moments of salvation. It conjures up a vision of Victorian factories and powerful machinery; the toil and the fantasies of captive workers. The DJ creates a vivid picture by playing tracks with the same style and atmosphere throughout the entire mix – Reinforcing the same vision with every selection.

Casual Violence live at Token Record Party, Detatched
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Reeko – The Prayer [Theory]
Luka Baumann – Boys Will Be Boys [Emergence]
The 65d Mavericks – Suffering |[Pure Plastic
Surgeon – Shaper Of The Unknown [Counter Balance]
Kareem – Unacal [Possible Music]
Makaton – The Eternal Host [Rodz Konez]
Surgeon – Over Kosovo [4 Kosovo]
Kuniaki Takenaga – Melty Bladdia [Manuke]
Oliver Lieb – Solaris Two [Platipus]
Miller and Keane – Underwater Fireworks [Audio Sculpture]
Inigo Kennedy – DLR [Token]
Dave Angel -Catch 2 [Rotation]
Marco Carola – Diapason [Zenit]
DJ Rush – Midnight Confession [Terminal]
Chris Liebing – Analogon [Steve Rachmad remix) [CLR]
Dreg – And That’s 2 [CLR]
Surgeon – Prowler [Counter Balance]
Dreg – Filter Madness [CLR]
Surgeon – Another Body [Counter Balance]
Cold Dust – Grounded [Red Seal]
Cold Dust – Vanishing Point [Red Seal]
James Ruskin – Caught In The Middle [Blueprint]
British Murder Boys – Splinter [Downwards]


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