Imaginary Forces releases his ‘Uppstigande’ album on Ohm Resistance

Released late last year; Anthoney J Hart’s Imaginary Forces returns to mighty label Ohm Resistance after his 2010 album Fifth Columnist with Uppstigande.

Very dark, abstract, heavily designed sound drops you deep in the thick of a strange electric nightmare.

The furthest-out points on the Ohm Resistance map are charted by London’s Imaginary Forces. Following up last year’s nightmarish “Filth Columnist” is his first work created in Sweden, combining a purer, cleaner sound with the elements of dementia that define the Imaginary Forces sonic vocabulary. Haunting spoken word from returning associate Closed Circuits, an uplifting and memorable contribution from Blood of Heroes’ drummer Balázs Pándi, and an appearance from Sex Gang Children’s Matthew Saw round out an amazing transformation album. From the edges of the avant-garde in electronic beat music, Imaginary Forces unleashes trademark chaos, refracted through the lenses of Scandinavian milieu.


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