Inigo Kennedy

Inigo Kennedy – TS0009

A new month means a new mix from the masterful producer and DJ –  Inigo Kennedy.

Sure it is the second week of September but Inigo only recorded this one at the weekend (September 11th if you want to be specific) so at the time of writing I’m only 2 days late, which on some of the previous postings of his work is pretty good. That being so this is the 9th in his continuing monthly series of mixes and it’s no less essential than the previous 8. You all know the score now with these so get downloading.

Area Forty One – 986_Hpa [Ann014]
Mohlao – Anamorphic Canvas [Ohwl#Four]
Area Forty One – Raindrop Prelude [Ann014]
Schatrax – Overcome [Schatcdg001]
Casual Violence – Acceptance Of The Fact At Hand (Original Mix) [Sectcd1]
Isolated Lines – Macer (Donor remix) [Miniscule]
Arovane – Tascel_7 [Arovane4]
Aoki Takamasa – Mnd-Sng-04 [Sam009]
Cosmin Trg – Izolat [50weapons#008]
Dave Clarke – Wisdom To The Wise (Asymmetric Edit) [Dub]
Rivet – Inside Looking Out [Ni01]
Inigo Kennedy – Power [Trust001]
Exium – The Quiet Man [Pole9]
Arovane – Thaem Nue [Arovane4]
Inigo Kennedy – Untitled (2011_08_05) [Dub]
Casual Violence – Briefly Sexual (Systemic remix) [Dub]
Tomohiko Sagae – Deburring (Judgement Call Makaton Mix) [Mak031]
Inigo Kennedy – Untitled (2011_08_03) [Dub]
Area Forty_One – Cumulonimbus [Ann014]
Inigo Kennedy – Momentum [Cp004]
Ben Gibson – Clamour (Original Mix) [Sectcd1]
Grovskopa – Atopic (Lag remix) [Sectcd1]
Inigo Kennedy – Aldebaran [Dub]
Jeroen Search – Section A (Original Mix) [Sectcd1]
Spanky – Acid Bass (Asymmetric Edit) [Dub]
Cosmin Trg – Fizic [50weapons#013]
And – Algorythmic Love [Psq006]
Arovane & Phonem – Valid Fard [Vform008cd]

Recorded September 11, 2011.


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