Derlich’s ‘Quantum Chemistry II’ mix

Happening across this mix quite by accident it’s far too good a selection to keep to myself. It is the work of Belgium’s Derrick Scheerlinck, aka Derlich. I came to find it whilst listening to his work following on from hearing the latest release on Singularity Recordings; his Cult of Static EP.

The label whose recent and brilliant album from Villain, Escapade, I wrote about last week. This isn’t an industrially textured techno session but rather a serene and beautiful trip into the drone darkness.

Featuring work from Biosphere, Cut Hands, Blind Summit, Mika Vainio, his Ø alias, Pan Sonic, Senking, Robert Henke, Vromb and others, Quantum Chemistry II Dark Reflections is just the right kind of mix to put on to wind down to; to get lost in, to reflect upon, or simply to just enjoy.

Derlich – Quantum Chemistry II Dark Reflections

Biosphere – As the sun kissed the horizon
Eligi – Rak
Robert Henke & Gerhard Behles – Chowning Island
Mika Vainio – Omerta
Biosphere – Hyperborea
Blind Summit – Casseopeia
Biosphere – Silene
Piotr Kurek – Part i
Pan Sonic – Väinämöisen Uni/Väinämöinen Dreams
Jana Winderen – Sense of latent power
Anduin – The black line (Forever waiting)
Cut Hands – ++++ (Four crosses)
Biosphere – Uva/Ursi
MikaVainio – Half awake half asleep
Zazie Von Einem Anderen Stern – Raum ohne zeit
Vromb – Urgence
Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek – Change your life
Vromb – Les Débris De L’Appareil
Ø – Kertomus Kaukomailta
Ø – Äänikuva/Sound Picture
Senking – Pathogenic agent
Jasper TX – Mute Harbour Part 2
Cut Hands – Bia Mintatu
John Murphy – In the House in a Heartbeat (28 Days Later theme)


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