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Mantis Radio 194 – Worker/Parasite

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Worker/Parasite provides the guest mix today w/ Chicago acid cuts, NYC techno, and Detroit electro. In the first hour, music from CARTHAGE, Floating Points, Siege remixing Casual Violence, Sully, Rabit, Ruins, Leif, Acroplane, and a Wiley boot.

CARTHAGE – 7 YARD [Still Heat]
Svreca – Trance (Yves De Mey Env Follower remix) [Semantica]
Mister Woo – Divy [Derelicht]
Blood Mute – 50 Mike Spike [Acroplane]
Leif – Air, Light, Time, Space [UntilMyHeartStops]
Michael Lovatt – Waves (Muni Manuka remix) [Ricochet Records]
Floating Points – Nespole [Pluto]
Ruins – Shudder in the Sun [Darkfloor Sound]
Synthek – MRI [Wunderblock Records]
Phobia – Leech [Genesa Records]
Casual Violence – Briefly Sexual (Siege remix) [Dubtek Vinyl]
Verset Zero – Amaritudo (H. Paul Rework) [Tripalium]
Rabit – Trapped in This Body [Tri Angle]
Wiley – And Again (SMGR remix) [unreleased]
Sully – Crystal Cuts [Astrophonica]

A Bitch Named Joanna
DJ Rush
Acid Jesus
Fast Eddie
Marshall Jefferson
Orgue Electronique + Legowelt
Frankie Bones
Adam X
Joey Beltram
+ and various whitelabels

Featured Guest

This will be Ben Versluis’ second appearance on Mantis Radio. The first for the Oakland resident was in April 2012 with a showcase session of his dark electronics focused label Tundra Dubs (home to Darkfloor favourites AAIMON). Since then he has been carving a precocious path of solo material under the name a href=”” target=”_blank”>Worker/Parasite. His abrasive, often acid soaked techno and rough edged house has seen release on Classicworks, Opal Tapes, Clan Destine Records, Jacktone Records, Folding Spaces, and One Eyed Jacks. Versluis’s exclusive session tonight draws together the inspiration and influences his sound carries and is quite the party set.

Be sure to check out (and buy) his latest EP, 100% Vibekiller, which came out earlier this week on Night Gaunt Recordings –

Mantis Radio is back December 8th, our guest – Carthage (Damien B / Khost)

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