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Mantis Radio 175 – the wee djs

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The wee djs are finally ensnared, showcasing their unique mangled electro sound. Elsewhere in the show, new music from Randal Collier-Ford, Dronelock & Ontal, Exium, Developer, Kerridge, Vacated and, Voidloss.

Kerridge – TRN5 [Contort]
Samuli Kemppi – Ant On A Rubber Rope [Planet Rhythm Black]
Exium – Shock Waves [Mord]
Nour Fawzi – Brushing By [Mindtricks]
Raven – Primeval Traveller [Several Reasons LTD]
Hollow Mind – NNN [Genesa Records]
Norse – Amur [Soul Notes]
Christian Piers – Offf [17 Steps]
14anger & Deeplift – Tube Ghost (Ingen remix) [Club Poison]
Vacated – RM2 (re edit) [Darkfloor Sound]
Huck Farper – Ohm (Matt TDK remix) [Rafarta Recordings]
Steven Patton – No Genre [unreleased]
Route 8 – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore [Lobster Theremin]
Philippe Laurent – Exposition 3 [Girouette Recordings]
Mumdance + Logos – Hall Of Mirrors [Tectonic]
Deapmash + Raito – Den Start [Club Werks]
Developer – Volume 1.3 [Olympian]
Voidloss – Order is a by-product of Chaos [Singularity]


Bad Sector – Absolute 02 [Bad Sector]
Burstbot – A Vitro [Kotä]
Laurel Halo – Carcass (Drvg Cvltvre remix) [unreleased]
Fracture & Chimpo – Hard Food [Metalheadz]
L-Side – Dreadlocks [V Recordings]
Spirit and Denial – Lost [V Recordings]
Melt Unit – Ravework [Caoutchou]
Randal Collier-Ford – Eye of the Watchers [Cryo Chamber]

Featured Guest

The work of one man, Dave Paton, the wee djs is not only some of the finest rough and raw electro coming out of Scotland, but the UK and for our money, Europe too. His 2006 Fear and Lothian is superb, a career highlight, and as fresh now as it was then.

Recording since ’92, Paton has a big back catalogue of electronic music. From his accomplished and unique take on electro; to ambient work on Weatherall’s Special Emissions imprint as Being; noise brutality as NOB; experimental sample cutting as Shit FM, to industrial power electronics as NO. Paton’s work has seen release on Gassoline, SCSI-AV, Touchin’ Bass, Input-Output, Combat Recordings, Noodles, Sativae, Spacebar Sentiments and Digital Distortions, with pretty much his entire discography re-released and available via his This Machine Is Broken digital label. Along the way he’s remixed Silicon Scally, Si Begg and Two Lone Swordsmen, performed at Bloc and recorded a session for Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio 1 show – Breezeblock.

His session for Mantis Radio tonight is an exclusive, straight off the cuff, 30 minute machine jam.

Mantis Radio is back, March 17th with a session from SSSS.

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