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Mantis Radio 116 – Somatic Responses

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Welsh duo Somatic Responses showcase their lesser heard ambient and downtempo side with an exclusive mix.

Hear music from Paul Blackford, Om Unit, Deadbeat, Volor Flex, Barker + Baumecker, Robert Pain, Ingen, Randomer, Trevino, Tipper remixing Radioactive Man, Recondite, and lots more.

Paul Blackford – Directive 4 [Battery Park Studio]
om unit – Ulysses VIP [Om Unit]
Borealis – Coal Angels [Origami Sound]
Deadbeat – Yard [BLKRTZ]
Rachel Haircut – Drench.Sf2 [Aural Sects]
Ghosts on Tape – No Go [Icee Hot]
Volor Flex – Pressure [Apollo]
Terrence Dixon – Fountain of Life [Tresor]
Barker & Baumecker – 10Silo [Ostgut]
Robert Pain – Testing the Bombs [Robert Pain]
Ingen – TRYC9 [Digital Distortions]
Chairman Kato – Yeah You’re Right pt.1 [Shades of Grey]
XZICD – Melyridae [XZICD]
Randomer – Nar [Hemlock]
Trevino – Under Surveillance [Apple Pips]
Radioactive Man  – Itisanditisnt (Tipper remix) [Rotters Golf Club]
Ingen – Downstairs Mixup [Digital Distortions]
Adam Jay + DJ Shiva – Capsaicin [Sonic Convergence]
Unam Zetineb – Twishots (Voidloss Blacker than pitch mix) [Voidloss]
Volor Flex – The Conspiracy [Apollo]
Recondite – DRGN [Hotflush]

Somatic Responses – Carousel (extract)
Somatic Responses – Gemini 8 (Gordon Sharp (Cindytalk) sample)
Somatic Responses – Back Home
Somatic Responses – Oddityditty
Somatic Responses – Basic Organism
Somatic Responses – Tethys near collision
Somatic Responses – Casineb Peiriant (Gordon Sharp (Cindytalk) fucked up sample)
Somatic Responses – Old Photos (Blade Runner sample)
Somatic Responses – Sleep Furiously
Somatic Responses – Wormhole
Somatic Responses – A man is whatever room he is in
Somatic Responses – Sleep Memory
Somatic Responses – Veneers (Moog Array)
Somatic Responses – How the Dead dream
Somatic Responses – Repititive/Destructive

Featured Guests

Welsh brothers John and Paul Healy are Somatic Responses and have been releasing their particular brand of aural assault since the mid 90s yet in that time have always pushed their sounds forward.

Known for their heavy breakcore IDM acid sound more than their beatless ambient, they are, nevertheless a talented and prolific pair of musicians.

Recent releases have been pushed through Hymen, Acroplane, Ad Noiseam, Viral Conspiracy Records and their own Photon Emissions label amongst many others.

Their new album Tachyon Attack drops next week, October 8th on Dark. Descent.

For their first of 2 sessions for Mantis Radio, tonight they present a 100% unreleased and exclusive ambient session.

Paul Healy:

First off. Thanks for listening to this mix. Most people who know our music know that we have produced a lot of hard broken beat stuff over the years. From our early love of music, ambient (for want of a better term) always figured strongly within our influences. As time passed we’ve started to explore that love more and more.

This mix is a way of getting our ambient stuff out there. We aren’t really sure if any labels will be interested or in fact what labels it may sit well with (any ideas get in touch). The music itself ranges from scifi soundscapes, pianos, welsh choir samples and horror soundtrack styles. Everything was produced within logic using various effects and plugin synths and on the whole it’s all quite heavily processed.

Hopefully the use of bass in ambient music comes across as it’s an important aspect. We would really like to hear the feedback from this, any questions please aim them at our Facebook or Twitter feed!

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