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Mantis Radio 66 – mrseavers

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mrseavers returns for his 3rd guest appearance, bringing w/ him a big bag of slamming warehouse techno. With music from The Blood of Heroes, DJ Bone, STL, Anodyne, Susumu Yokota, Addison Groove, Tim Reaper, Noiz, Autechre, Terror Danjah, and Myuzyk.

Mr Hood – A Quarter Past Midnight [Myuzyk]
The Blood of Heroes – Blinded [Ohm Resistance]
.at/on + v4w.enko – iSEARCH []
HecQ – Continuum []
Click and Errors – Polaroid [Phonocake]
Abreaktor – anne4 [IDMf]
DJ Bone – U [unreleased]
STL – From a Distance [Smallville Records]
Anodyne – Corrosion (Bitten by the Black Dog) [Psychonavigation Records]
Susumu Yokota – Alphaville [Sublime Records]
Addison Groove – Dumbshit [Swamp81]
MentalImage – Running, Forgetting… [Gliese 581c]
Terror Danjah – Scotch Bonnet [unreleased]
Pete Complete – No Ruffer [unreleased]
Paul Blackford – Half Life [DeadLock Records]
Modelick6 – In Mode [Massai Music]
Anodyne Industries – Blood Train [IDMf]
Lifecycle – Lust Catalytic [Ricochet Records]
Tim Reaper – Jungle Riddim [unreleased]
Noiz – Reanimator [Syndetic Recordings]
Dr. Schmidt – Salvation Machine (Dexorcist remix) [Maschinen Musik]
Anodyne – Close Your Eyes (Corporation Street Mix by Autechre) [Psychonavigation Records]
Carsten Brase – Wind [Kreislauf]

Rob Acid – Da Kids [Kne’ Deep]
Speedy J – Armstrong [CLR]
The Advent and Industrializer – Cold Fusion [Codeworks]
The Hardist and Robert Natus – Peaktime [Nerven]
Thomas Krome – Woodcarver’s Nightmare (Adam Beyer remix) [Corb]
John Selway and Christian Smith – Total Departure (Cirez D remix) [Drumcode]
Marco Remus – Kopfschuttler [Nerven]
Eric Sneo – Mass Appeal Madness [Masters of Disaster]
Brian Aneurysm – Das Element des Menschen [Spectral Sound]
Reeko – The Gravedigger and his Bitch [Mental Disorder]
Radial and DJ Boss – X3 [Dole-Gate]
Jeff Amadeus – Hydraulix 13.8 (DAVE the Drummer remix) [Hydraulix]
Mr Seavers – Dishonourable Discharge [unreleased]
Go Hiyama – Feeling [Audio Assault]
Ben aka Milanel – Unravel (DAVE the Drummer remix) [Hydraulix]
Chris Liberator – Swarfega (Maximum Side) [Maximum Minimum]
DJ Preach – Obscurantis [Patterns]
Industrializer and The Advent – Code Noir [Drumcode]
Dave the Drummer – Hydraulix 9 (Proket remix) [Subsistenz]
DK8 – Murder was the Bass (Raiden remix) [elp Collective]
Konflict – Messiah (Spor remix) [Renegade Hardware]
Spor – Outbroken (That Track) [Renegade Hardware]
Woody McBride – Off the Ceiling (I’m a Psychic U Know) (Cooh remix) [Subsistenz]

Featured Guest

The self confessed techno fiend mrseavers is back in the UK for a brief pitstop while international living arrangements readjust. Formerly one of the resident DJs with Pure Filth, the regular club night of Nottingham’s Dagobah soundsystem, Seavers is a long standing and personal friend of Mantis Radio. He was our featured guest for 3rd ever show – and holds the dubious accolade of hosting the only show which has not been obsessively and compulsively playlisted for the archives and podcast. Though he would like to add that all blame for that lies with Robin Marsden.

Seavers was a regular in the East Midlands free party scene for a long time, playing in all sorts of weird and wonderful locations. From the Yorkshire moors to various warehouses and squats around the Nottingham area, playing most club venues in the city at the time, alongside all sorts of people from Chris Liberator and Si Begg to Plaid and the Plump DJs.

Moving to London in 2006, he’s played various warehouse parties in the Hackney area, plus a one off night at The Big Chill House with Phantom Beats (where they actually pulled the power on him for playing One Night in Hackney), and the occasional appearance for Under the Stairs at the 333 in Shoreditch. He’s always doing his best to push the boundaries of what it’s acceptable to play in a respectable establishment, and is finally showing signs of pulling his finger out and actually finishing something he’s started producing. Watch this space.

We thought we better catch him before he returns to India to devote his time trying to convince the population that there is music beyond hip-hop, very commercial house and psytrance. Best of luck with that.

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