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Mantis Radio 71 – AGT Rave Cru

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AGT Rave Cru bring the party, throwing down *the* old skool session.

With music from Spor, Bola, Raime, Delta Funktionen, Redshape, Planetary Assault Systems, The Knife, Roska + Untold, T-Polar, Dekode, and more, selected by DVNT in our first hour.

Spor – Kaori [Lifted]
Stephen Farris – Alphabet Soup [unreleased]
Bola – Veronex Cypher [SKAM]
B1t Crunch3r vs king slaFF – Alpha Centauri [Gamma Audio]
king slaFF – Niente [Echodub]
Marcel Fengler – Enigma [Ostgut]
Delta Funktionen – Matrimony [Field Records]
Raime – This Foundry [Blackest Ever Black]
Synkro – Just Say [Box Clever]
8Bitch – Hathor [Seed]
Roska + Untold – Myth [Numbers]
The Knife – We Share Our Mother’s Health (Trentemöller remix) [V2 Records]
Sclist – Sounds Better (Beatlemaniac) [unreleased]
KC Flightt vs. Funky Junction – Voices (PMT remix) [Hooj]
Asagaoaudio – Last Dance [AN]
Planetary Assault Systems – GT (James Ruskin remix) [Mote-Evolver]
Steve Lorenz – Generator [Fassade Rec]
Redshape – Dead Space (next door ultra dub) [Present]
Dekode – Time Corrosion [Syndetic Recordings]
Digger – Brookfield Grime (Scheme Boy remix) []
SFVacid – Girlz [SWISHCOtheque]
Adam Faz – Evil Circuitry (T.R.O. remix) [unreleased]
Generic Bass – In My Soul [Brainfunktrax]
T-Polar – Hot Butter Interlude [Acroplane]

Krome + Time – This Sound Is For The Underground
Manix – Feel Good
Johnny L – Hurt You So
Scientist – The Exorcist
Altern8 – Move My Body
Kraftwerk – Numbers
Awesome 3 – Don’t Go
Mark II / Altern8 – Frequency (AGT Rave Cru remix)
Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives
Ratpack – Searchin For My Rizla
Kicks Like A Mule – The Bouncer
808 State – Pacific State (AGT Rave Cru remix)
Hardrive – Deep Inside
Herve – Mars
Bronstibock – Ooh
The Count + Sinden – Hardcore Girls
Anthony Rother – Destroy Him My Robots
The Other People Place – Eye Contact
The Martian – Prayer Stick
Daft Punk – Around The World
The Vamp – Outlander
DMS – Exterminate (Day Of The Hardcore)
Ragga Twins – Rude Boy
DJ Seduction – Hardcore Heaven
Liquid – Sweet Harmony
N-Joi – Malfunction
T-99 – Anasthasia
Ez-Posse – Everything Starts With An E
Altern8 – Evapor8
Anticapella – Square Root 231
The KLF – 3am Eternal
Altern8 – Infiltrate 202
Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Rozalla – Everybody’s Free
Cursor Miner – Hair Of The Dog
LFO – We Are Back
LFO – Freak (AGT Rave Cru remix)
Jimmy Edgar – My Beats
Foul Play – Dubbin U
Powerpill – Pacman
Afrikan Boy – One Day I Went To LIDL

Featured Guests

The Chas and Dave of Rave, AGT Rave Cru run at a hundred-tracks-an-hour on stage, mashing up rave anthems, acid house, wonky, booty, fidget, old skool classics, 80’s electro, drum + bass, and whatever else happens to be tickling them at the time… all at lightning speed without ever missing a beat.

Known for filling dancefloors with energy and mayhem at their residency at London’s acid-house revivalist night ” Love Acid” every last Saturday of the month, Ginglik, London.

Firmly tongue-in-cheek, like a hyperactive 2manydjs meets Altern8 in Orbital glasses and hi-viz vests – it might not always be clever: but it certainly is big.

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