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Mantis Radio 261 – Tomohiko Sagae

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Japan’s Tomohiko Sagae serves a dark techno workout in today’s session mix. Packaged either side of that – new & old from Submechanical, Moving Shadow, Blocks & Escher, Brighter Death Now, Ryuji Takeuchi, Savier, Holodeck Records and more.

Submechanical – EA2277 [Jezgro]
Youth Code – Avengement [Dais Records]
Dave Wallace – Waves (Guardians Of Dalliance remix) [Moving Shadow]
Rognvald – Great Expectations [Love Love Records]
Blocks & Escher – Vigil [Metalheadz]
War – Acumen [Methlab Recordings]
Ivy Lab – Amber [Critical Recordings]
Brighter Death Now – Meat Processing [Cold Meat Industry]
Kotra – Synthesized Cocktails Dream [Kvitnu]
Erik Honore – Surge [Hubro]
Ryuji Takeuchi – Ambivalence [Instruments Of Discipline]
Savier – Disorder Brigade (Submechanical remix) [Darkfloor Sound]
Michael C. Sharp – Tape Delay Dichotomy Pt. 1 [Holodeck]
Preoccupations – Espionage [Jagjaguwar]

Heimstatt Yipotash – Sharing Solar Resources (Geomagnetic Storm) [Hands]
Esplendor Geométrico – Presión [Geometrik]
Pinion – Projectile [Mord]
Ancient Methods – Immured In Supreme Beliefs [Hospital Productions]
Regis – Her Surrender [Downwards]
Lag – Salajka [Mord]
Michal Jablonski – Wrath [Abyss]
Monolith – Reactor [Triton]
Smear – Transect [Forward Strategy Group]
Grovskopa – Balamber (Electronic Abuse Remake) [Limetree]
Vatican Shadow – Monotheism And Zarqa [Hospital Productions]
Makaton – Defiler (Tomohiko Sagae Mix) [RSB]
MRTVI – Ibukron [Jezgro]
Allen – MH370 [M Rec]
Greyhound – Flesh [Hands]
Unhuman – Eobshin [Voitax]
Tomohiko Sagae – Ball Gag #1 [HueHelix]
Tomohiko Sagae – **** **** *** [ – ]
Tomohiko Sagae – Perverse Mind #1 [Hands]
Tomohiko Sagae – **** ** *** [ – ]

Venetian Snares – Yor [Hymen]
Syk2ne – Transfection [Dark Industry]
Guso Drop – Painfully Violent [Eit Park Record]

Featured Guest

Coming up this week and hailing from Japan – Tomohiko Sagae.

Forty five minutes of his picks, all mixed together in a lovely bow and bundle. Releasing music since 2010, most of it through Birmingham label and personal favourite Rodz Konez. His music has been featured in my sets pretty much ever since and he’s been on our guest list wish list for many moons.

If you’re in Berlin on April 28th, catch him performing a live set at Arena Club alongside Mondkopf, Baeks, Uncto and Paàl. On May 4th he plays Moscow.

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