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Mantis Radio 243 – GRMMSK

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In session the beautiful, weird and experimental doom dub of Finland’s GRMMSK. Plus tracks from Khost, Ontal, Slackk, Milanese, Cardopusher, Talker, Eatbrain, Avian, Cold Spring, King Midas Sound and more.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 243 – GRMMSK

Revaux – Head First (Arkitech remix) [Lifestyle]
Kryptomedic and Fagz – Soldier [Eatbrain]
Khost – Ice Tides [Sonic Entrails]
Tegel – Infinity [Stereoklang]
Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker [Columbia]
King Midas Sound – Aroo [Ninja Tune]
Valanx – Beyond Doubt (The Exaltics remix) [diametric.]
Ourea – From Chaos Came Erebus [Horo]
Ontal – EMR [RDL47 Records]
Milanese – Bear Whizz [Balkan Vinyl]
Slackk – Hundred Flute [R & S Records]
Talker – Meniscus (feat. Kerridge) [Downwards]
Trepaneringsritualen – The Seventh Man [Cold Spring]
Rhyw – Vixen for Society [Avian]
Future Sound Of London – My Dub Kingdom (Mobthrow remix) [Spectraliquid]
Cardopusher – Mouthwash Acid [Classicworks]
Ventolyn & Becotyde – Poztf+ [Section 27]

GrMMsk – Inna Frontline [Totes Format]
GRMMSK – Better [Must Come] [Totes Format]
GRMMSK – noMORE [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]
GRMM5K – BURN[out] [Totes Format]
GRMMSK – nonSENSE [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]
GRMMSK – [Prison] Everywhere [Totes Format]
GRMMSK – MADNESS [unreleased]
GRMMSK – SITUATION [ist] [unreleased]
GRMMSK – [long] WAY [Totes Format]
G??????K – Enter [The 21st Century] [Bemböle Cassettes]

Microscopists – Morbid Calculus [Abstrakt Reflections]

Featured Guest

Mentally marked by anarcho-punk GRMMSK emerged as a new project in 2007 following on from his earlier industrial field recordings project TOTSTELLEN. A short and intense tour of Finland that same year and the first release under the project – PUNK ON KUOLLUT (Punk is dead) – was released. Releasing prolifically since, including several cassettes on his own micro label Totes Format, his back catalogue is a tome of heavy sonics, dubbed out experiments and shards of aural bliss.

In addition to the doom dub machinations of GRMMSK, the one responsible builds handmade electronic drone instruments under the name METSÄÄN, performing with them as Coldsore. GRMMSK is part of Helsinki’s experimental radio show Bekola and is in the midst of releasing a new 12″.

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