26.03 – Mantis Radio presents Death Qualia

On Sunday, March 26th, Mantis Radio presents a session from Death Qualia.

Mantis Radio is broadcast live on futuremusic FM, hitting archives from Monday (27th) on iTunes, the podcast, SoundCloudMixcloud or direct.

Sun 1000 PST Los Angeles
Sun 1300 EST New York
Sun 1800 GMT London
Sun 1900 CET Berlin
Mon 0300 JST Tokyo

The man behind the alias, Jonathan Baruc, is no stranger to the show. In 2014, as Create Her, he guested on our 157th broadcast, and the following year he returned, alongside Clem Von Holstein’s SHVLFCE as the 200bpm+ technoid beast DEFCE. The pair delivered one of our most ferocious sessions to date.

Baruc has since moved from New York to Berlin and is now Death Qualia. An extension, an amalgamation, a fresh direction. With his EP – Intention Versus – having now dropped on the always reliable Portals Editions, he returns for a 3rd bout of sound session selections, with an exclusive guest mix.

Stray Landings on Intention Versus

The record clangs and scrapes forth, skin-crawling resonances and grinding thrusts of low-end. Moments of outright horror characterised by bone-shattering percussion, tension-doused harmonics and pressure-blasted ambience are offset by timid, headtorch-lit explorations into the unknown, endless chasms appearing every other footstep.

As a taste of what’s to expect, here’s a recent live performance of Death Qualia, recorded in Italy, earlier this month.


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