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Lakej showcases his high grade, Swedish heady techno sound in the session. With a mix featuring cuts from ART21, Pyramidal Decode, Filip Xavi, Kølpøs, Oxygeno, Lidvall, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, and many more.

In the first hour, new music from Aasthma, With Bells Records, Richie Culver and Space Afrika, Hedchef, Onset Audio, Pupil Slicer, Shockpoint, JFK, Metalheadz, and The KVB.

Olof Dreijer & Mt Sims – A Vessel of Clay [Rabid Records]
Sara Parkman – Mammakroppar (Aasthma remix) [Supertraditional]
GRDN. – Harpen [With Bells Records]
Richie Culver – Hard To Get To Know You (Space Afrika remix) [Participant]
Hedchef – Hexual Ceiling [Extra Spicy]
Trois-Quarts Taxi System – Beton [Place:]
Clarity – Cyclone (feat. Indigo) [Samurai Music]
Ahmad – The Wrong Place [Onset Audio]
Quartz – Hyper Mantis [Metalheadz]
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Turf War [Defcom]
Hellacopta – Illegal Mathematics [Onset Audio]
JFK – Amniotic Comfort [L.I.E.S. Records]
Pupil Slicer – No Temple [Prosthetic Records]
Shockpoint – Software Gore [Medusa’s Lair Records]
Batu – Traverse [A Long Strange Dream]
The KVB – Reverberation [Cleopatra]

Lakej – A Clean Slate [ART21]
Albert Chiovenda – Void Memory 5 [Evod Music]
Joshua Calleja – Blonde Dimension (Jason Patrick & Mike Derer remix) [Northern Parallels]
Filip Xavi – While We Drift Apart [MindTrip Music]
Pyramidal Decode – Sospensione [Warm Up Recordings]
Psyk & Orbe – Untitled [Nwhite]
Temporal Geometryk and Avox 25 – HX22 [Planet Rhythm]
Julieta Kopp – Sortilegio [Illegal Alien Records]
B. Riley – Entangled (Oliver Rosemann remix) [CMND CTRL]
Kølpøs – Espectografia [Ucker]
Jason Patrick – Rack Vert [Future Arkive]
NWHR – Resonating Space [Illegal Alien Records]
Lakej – Someone Lead The Way [ART21]
Kølpøs – Penumbras [Newrhythmic Recs]
Oxygeno – Second Skin [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
Lidvall – Animality [Faut Section]
Lakej – Duplicity [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
Michel Lauriola – Evolver Area [Faut Section]

Rose City Band – Slow Burn [Thrill Jockey]
Ciel – Mesmer [Mister Saturday Night]

Featured Guest

Our guest today is Stockholm’s Lakej (pronounced Lakey).

He’s a recent producer on my radar. I first heard him last year through his remixes for Matt Altman, and Tiefton. His solo EPs Exposed Vulnerability, and this year’s Underlying Mechanisms has meant his tracks haven’t left my record bag since.

Releasing since 2017, initially for Adriana Lopez’s label Grey Report label, before working with Edit Select and Semantica. Where he released his debut album Conditions of Experience in 2021, together with his second A Flawed Belief System later that year. Earlier this year, through Nachtstrom Schallplatten, he released his 3rd album – A Study In Change.

His techno is considered, layered, and heady, as is his session mix today. Keeping the tradition of high grade Swedish techno we’ve come to expect.

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