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Mantis Radio 179 – WIKAN

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Mantis Radio welcomes Sheffield’s occultist musician WIKAN. Hear new music from Squarepusher, Earwiggle’s latest Faetch, Test Dept reworked by Scanner, Martyn Hare, Matt TdK, Savagen, Oscar Mulero, Snob and more.

Gore Tech – _Run (William Gibson) [Ad Noiseam]
Signs – Vermin (Jade remix) [Eatbrain]
Squarepusher – Baltang Arg [Warp]
Deathprod – Shimmer Flicker [Touch]
Test Dept – Fall (Scanner rework) [SoundCloud]
Snob – Shoveling Idiots [Snob]
Oscar Mulero – 201 Element [PoleGroup]
Mauri – Biosca [Kvitnu]
Faetch – Flaie [Earwiggle]
A Thousand Details – Sequere Line [Wretched]
Martyn Hare – The Defiler [Emetic]
Mark Broom – M19 [Beardman]
Matt TDK – A Collection of Sounds [unreleased]
Savagen – No Subject Matter – No Subject Matters (Part 2) [unreleased]

Distance – V (Pinch remix)
Distance – V
Loafah – Disko Rekah (Guttstar remix)
Thelem – Bring Me Down
J Kenzo – Urban Gorilla
Peverse – Jacobin
N.O.W – Aftermath (Special Request)
Pinch + Mumdance – Whiplash
Forward Strategy Group – Dragon Tooth
AnD – Dusty Artefacts
ALSO – Raves
WIKAN – Seven Hills (V.I.P) (Exclusive)
MAHR – Geometric Dreams [Pale Noir]

Snob – Piss [Snob]
Snob – Sick of It [Snob]

Featured Guest

Having recently released his Nightfall EP on Pale Noir, we invited Tony Stone, the man responsible to record a special session for the show. Stone is a man with a longer history of production than most might at first assume. From a hardcore/industrial past, in the last decade he’s recorded bassweight dub under his Duke Spook guise, blissful ambience as File With Interpol and as Sons of Sludge, drone doom (also on Pale Noir).

His most prolific alias is WIKAN. Beginning some 5 years back on Dark Peaks with the 4 track EP Illegal Grave Music, the alias has produced some 10 great releases to date. The sound of WIKAN has within it a core of witch house, dark ambient, dark wave and drone electronics, but crucially Stone doesn’t produce genre template work. As his latest, Nightfall shows, he creates his own sound palette taking elements to create a new whole all his own.

His session tonight takes in influence and inspiration of the WIKAN sound, and includes an exclusive airing of a VIP of his track Seven Hills. This session is sure to be considered amongst the best of the guest mixes over the years, it really is very good.

Mantis Radio returns, May 12th with our 8th Anniversary special.

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