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Mantis Radio 163 – PRCA

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On Mantis Radio this week we’ve the début recording from US duo PRCA. And new music from Demdike Stare, Fanon Flowers, Ontal, Casual Violence, Hiroaki Iizuka and a few others too.

Sonar vs. Muslimgauze – Counting Backwards [Daft Records]
iVardensphere- Roots Bloody Roots [dub]
Fanon Flowers – Hunt Pattern 2 [Mechanisms Industries]
Demdike Stare – Frontin’ [Modern Love]
Whirling Hall of Knives – Comminute [Earwiggle]
Ontal – Radiation [RDL47 Records]
Ténèbre – Bright [Ténèbre]
Monica Hits The Ground – Murmurs As I Knelt [Horizontal Ground]
Casual Violence – Burn It All Down [Plector Records]
Piotr Klejment – Black March (Sleeparchive remix) [Technosoul]
Chemotex – Schrade Knives [The Trilogy Tapes]
14Anger – Lack of Empathy (Alex Lemar + Tom Barkley remix) [mk Recordings]
D Carbone – Discernment [Mord]
Hiroaki Iizuka – Dot [THEM]
Slam – Pattern A3 (Charles Fenckler remix) [Soma Records]
Radial – Excavated (Tripeo remix) [Radial Records]

Submerged vs. Bill Laswell (ft. arkady) – Malaysian Kraken [Ohm Resistance] forthcoming
Zerfallmensch – Walmart Dope Rip Off [Ohm Resistance] forthcoming
Aube – Paroxysmal Discharge [Auf Abwgen]
Submerged – Losing Everything [Ohm Resistance] forthcoming
DEFCE- Dipole [Ohm Resistance] forthcoming
Nucleus & Paradox – Analogue Life [Metalheadz]
Submerged – Oppressor [Ad Noiseam]
End.user – Death Vest [Submerged VIP] [Retox] forthcoming
Noisia – oh oh [Vision]
Submerged & R8 of Change – Stranded [Ohm Resistance] forthcoming
Impulse & Submerged – Regeneration Point [Ohm Resistance] forthcoming
Quoit – Clasp (Version) [Ohm Resistance]
Digit216 – No Excuse Me, I Didn’t Hear You Come In
Bruzed – Broken (Speak Onion remix) [dub]
DEFCE – MAO-A [Ohm Resistance] forthcoming
Dom & Roland with Amon Tobin – Sylo [Dom & Roland Recordings]
Hive & Technical Itch – Detox [Violence]
Steven Price – Debris (Gravity OST) [WaterTower]
Paul Jebanasam – Rites II [Subtext]
Oake – Tenoun Rah Zan [Downwards]
Mick Finesse – Birds [Prosthetic Pressings]
Gesloten Cirkel – Submit-X [Murder Capital]
Surgeon – Muggerscum Out (Perc remix) [Soma]
Regis – The Black Freighter [Downwards]
PRCA – Schadenfreudautobahn [Ohm Resistance] forthcoming
Xhin – Teeth (Surgeon remix) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Stenny – Local Fields [Illian Tape]
Create Her – The Comfort In Neglect [unreleased]
Ketch – Kinematic (Eomac remix) [DEAD CERT]
Cult of the 13th Hour – Wickedness [Soul Jazz]
Zerfallmensch – Shallow Graves of Poachers [Ohm Resistance] forthcoming

Featured Guest

Mantis Radio presents Ohm Resistance’s Submerged and End Fence’s arkady with their début recording together as PRCA (POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT CHOICE ARCHITECTURE). Their session has within it the première of their track Schadenfreudautobahn.

Kurt Gluck’s Submerged has been serving up darkside drum n bass since the early 2000s, parallel to his heavyweight Ohm Resistance label. A label that has worked with some of the cream of darker electronics producers including Scorn, Bill Laswell, Imaginary Forces, End.user, Merzbow and The Blood of Heroes. arkady is co-founder of End Fence, the Brooklyn based netlabel which began in 2010. A label who’s aim it is to discover and disseminate timeless, engrossing electronic music. An aim they’ve been doing well at over their 10 releases to date.

We are completing an initial full length of a mostly techno style. Looking at early next year for the album, with a 7″ remixing Scorn + Regis’ classic Marabella Pete Pt. 2 due towards the holidays as the first release from the group.

There’s a philosophy behind the duo’s sound –

“We are all assets”. That is the theme of PRCA – national level foreign policy realpolitik spy missions as voiced through techno music. Real stories from in the field to from behind bars, at all levels of and in service to all kinds institutions. Moscow rules = assume everyone you make contact with to be corrupted.

Their session gives a fantastic insight into what to expect from these two. We can’t wait to get our hands on their album.

Coming up on Ohm Resistance they’ve: Project Zenit’s Eurasian Music Award (EMA) nominated Again. The DEFCE album by Create Her and Shvl Fce – drumcode rhythms in a fierce 160–210 BPM. A Submerged vs Bill Laswell album, from with a track opens up this week’s session mix. And, Zerfallmensch, Submerged’s experimental noise/industrial/damaged electronics improv group with haZMat, a track from which closes the session.

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