DOWNLOAD / Glander’s ‘Variations’ on Yuki Yaki

Something deep, spacious and dubby here from Glander and his Variations release on netlabel Yuki Yaki.

Glander has been producing music since ’92 and during that time has worked with a minimalistic approach to his work. A mix of what Yuki Yaki call ‘4/4 stumblebeats with little weird sounds’. In recent years his sound has become slower and deeper which is where this, the 20th release for Yuki Yaki comes in.

The tracks on ‘Variations‘ follow the idea of making a ‘version of a main-theme’, which you can find in classical dub-music. Equipped with reverb and delay sounds and based on a solid bass-grounding every track takes its own way.

Glander – Variations

Glander – Variation a1
Glander – Variation b2
Glander – Variation c2
Glander – Variation d2
Glander – Variation e2
Glander – Variation f1


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